30 Collective nouns of animals, fish and mythical creatures

Do you ever wonder what a group of unicorns are called, or maybe a get together of porcupines, well I can help you out. 

When I was working in an office, my friend and I would often discuss what the collective noun of animals & mythical creatures was.

This could keep us entertained for ages, so I thought I would share a few of my favourites

Some are quite well known, some less so, and some are arguable - In other words, many things have many collective nouns associated with them, and one person may believe it to be one thing and another something else.

What are a group of these happy otters called?

Anyway, here you go;

Animal, fish or mythical creatureGroup known as

1 Starfish A Galaxy
2 Porcupine A Prickle
3 Otter A Romp
4 Bears A Sleuth
5 Elephants, Rhinoceros & Hippo's A Herd (But sometimes a Crash)
6 Kangaroos A Mob
7 Goldfish A Glint
8 Giraffes A Tower
9 Tiger A Streak
10 Starlings A Murmuration
11 Cats A Glaring
12 Bees A Bike
13 Rattlesnakes A Rumba
14 Zebras A Dazzle
15 Crows A Murder
16 Foxes  A Skulk
17 Meerkats A Mob
18 Pandas A Bamboo
19 Dragons A Thunder
20 Unicorns A Blessing
21 Angels  A Choir
22 Phoenixes An Odyssey
23 Peacocks A Muster
24 Owls A Parliment
25 Sharks A Shiver
26 Barracuda's A Battery
27 Apes A Shrewdness
28 Giants A Titan
29 Turkeys A Rafter
30 Fairies A Tizzy

I hope you enjoyed that, I'll be back soon


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