Dancing - The Aftermath

That's me, front and centre at dress rehearsal, just about to turn around and give the tap performance of my life!
Well, I'm exhausted, again hugely impressed with the kids that danced as they had so many dances to do and I just had one.

Would I do it all again....hmmmm.

I love tap dancing, but I have never been great at the whole smile and dance thing, performing. It's just not me.

I have joined a tap class, I am doing a tapathon in November for charity and this feels much more up my street. I hear a rumour there is a performance planned by this tap class, something about Wake me up before you go go...' Oh no.

We will see, I am still recovering, but I have finally found a form of exercise I am comfortable with, and I have been riding my bike more, taking my orders to the post office. So in general, I am getting fitter. My heart is having some exercise so this is a good thing.

Am I losing weight? No. It's obviously all just turning into muscle *ahem*.

Do I feel better for it? Yes. My knees still complain and I make all the old person noises when I sit down and stand up, but I think they are complaining slightly less than before, so maybe they are getting stronger or something.

Overall, it has been a great experience, and it's got me back into my tap shoes which is great. So no complaints from me.


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