Pavement Tree

Autumn is here, whether you believe it arrived on the meteorological date(1st September) or at the  Equinox (22nd September), it is definitely here.

I have a different start date. The date my husband pulls the 'grumpy, I've got to clear the leaves off the drive' face.

I quite like the leaves on the drive. But I do know they will eventually turn to mush.

I don't know what he is complaining about, one year I persuaded my then 8 or 9 year old to do it for money. Tut.

We are fortunate to live in quite a leafy area, having a council tree right in front of our driveway. My children refer to it as their tree, as far as they are concerned it is nothing to do with the council.

We have tree's in the garden as well, but none as big as Pavement Tree (Council Tree just didn't sound right).

Our tree is usually the last tree to grow it's leaves and the last to drop them in our street, I think it's because we are in a bit of a dip.

This year there was much concern by all of us about Pavement Tree as it was very slow to decide to grow it's leaves, and we feared the worst (It is quite old) but eventually it did, it also developed a baby groot...
Which was nice.

I have just realised I don't know what sort of tree Pavement Tree is, which is pretty disgraceful since we have been living in harmony together since 2000.

5 minutes has passed. I sent a child outside to grab a leaf and did some googling and have identified Pavement Tree as a Beech Tree. Guilt assuaged*. Thank you world for giving me the internet, this would have taken so much longer rummaging around in books. And books are bad for trees.. It all comes back to the trees.

So here I was, already to blog about autumn and it's ended up being all about Pavement Tree. Pavement Tree, strong and steady sheltering our house (it's taller than our house) and giving all of my family a sense of well being and security.

So if anyone suggests that these tree's on pavements aren't necessary or cost too much money (I'm talking to you Birmingham City Council), I think they may find themselves in trouble with our family. It turns out we all have quite strong feelings about Pavement Tree and we stand with it.

So any way isn't autumn nice, leaf colours blah blah blah...Pavement Tree is WAY more interesting.

I'm off now to give Pavement Tree a bit of a hug of appreciation.

*Note to self - Must use 'assuaged' more often, its a nice word that rolls around the tongue


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