To Sleep Perchance to Dream... Or who else can't get to sleep?

So the kids are back at school and my naturally nocturnal ways must come to an end.

Back to school runs, sandwich making and teatimes at a set time. Gah.

I prefer to stay up late, drink wine, think, and/or talk about life and stuff, sometimes write about the same stuff, get up whenever, feed the kids when we are all hungry.

I like to not have to wear a watch or clock watch.

I love the school holidays. Especially now the kids are older and don't need to be constantly watched and cared for. Now they are proper people with their own plans.

The eldest wants to stay in bed even longer than me...finally (she was always an early riser), the youngest is quite happy occupying herself, responsibly, with no need of adult assistance or intervention.

As a family we do things throughout the holidays, go places and see things, but we are all fairly relaxed and tend to do it at our own pace.

But now that has all come to an end, I have the tired achy head of someone whose sleep patterns have been disrupted.

This is me, and what my head feels like when I'm trying to get to sleep, but my face is usually more grumpy looking

I have never been great at getting to sleep, once I am asleep, however, I am the proverbial log.

Currently, I am getting to sleep somewhere after 2am and getting up at about 7am - I do not function well on 5 or less hours sleep, I need at least 8 hours if not more.

When I try to get to sleep my head decides to have a discussion with me about all the things I need to do as soon as possible.

My head decides everything is way more urgent than it really is, and if there is anything where there might be the slightest bit of confrontation, it decides I should try and work out the endless possible ways that conversation may go.

At 2am I hate my head.

So I am tired. I know that I will adapt and start getting to sleep earlier as term progresses, but that doesn't stop my nocturnal desire to stay up late, nor does it stop naughty me wanting a glass of wine on a school night.

Of course I know all the tricks, I rarely have coffee after 6pm, I know some great relaxation techniques, I read, I try not to have electronic devices in the bedroom (although I do love a game of 40 thieves on the tablet before going to sleep), I have even been known to count sheep. But my head knows my tricks and is currently taking no notice. Rubbish.

Today, I am trying not to nap in the hope that will help me sleep later.  Wish me luck.


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