You're my bitch - or an ode to depression

Like the sun you're always there.
Like a friend with a gun, you just don't care.
Like the worst pun or an unholy nun,
You're a bitch and a dare.

You're the stream that turns to flood.
You're thoughts that make my mind mud.
You're the babbling brook in my head.
You're a bitch and a tear.

I stilled you
I calmed you
I took you down
With Prozac and talking
And time after time.

You have taken the years
And the years and the years
And my tears and the years
With your chatter in my head

But now, you're not on the list
So you're not getting in
You're wearing trainers, you're obviously pissed.
You're my bitch now. You won't be missed.

You're my bitch.


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