20 things I learnt in 50 years

I am going to be 50 in 19 days. 50 how on earth did that happen?

In my head I am somewhere around 18.

Now I am nearly 50, I am obviously very wise and sensible.

Err no.

But I've learnt some stuff, here are some of my best pearls of wisdom, just for you.

  1. In any successful relationship there is compromise 
  2. Things are never quite so bad in the morning
  3. Be a parent not a friend to your kids and they will become your friends
  4. You can never say I love you enough
  5. Treat each meeting with a friend as if it was the last time you'll see them
  6. Treat all people as you expect to be treated
  7. Naps are good
  8. Don't be swayed by ridiculous trends
  9. Your mind plays tricks on you
  10. You can cope with more than you think you can
  11. Children know everything that goes on in the home, so don't hide things from them
  12. Your children can be incredibly funny, if you let them
  13. A family that laughs together, stays together
  14. Music is a gift from the Gods*
  15. A good book/film can open up other worlds, if you let it
  16. A little bit of everything does you good
  17. Don't knock it till you try it (I try to live by this but there are certain things that doesn't apply to for me i.e parachuting, bunjee jumping and anything else of a similar nature**. And eating the face of animals and or the inside of their bones)
  18. With haircuts - it will always grow back
  19. With tattoo's - sometimes it doesn't quite work out like you want, but it doesn't matter because once it's on you it's part of you
  20. With boyfriends/girlfriends - never go back for a second chance, you split up for a reason

 *I don't believe in Gods but you get the idea
**I'm not an adrenalin junkie 


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