Flamingo's, Fifty, Fifties, Fun Party Time

I know a lot of women my age are a bit funny about their age. Not me, I am loving life and being alive. There have been so many things thrown at me over the last few years, which could have meant that I might not have been here, but I am, and most of the time I am really well. So I want to celebrate that.

So, as I turned 50 on the 20th of this month, I decided I wanted to celebrate with a big party for my friends and family.

As I was 50, I decided I would have a 1950's theme, this meant that my daughters and I got to have dresses made by the wonderful Couture Company in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Going and having fittings, choosing material etc was a fabulous way to spend time with my girls and look how great they looked. They looked so grown up.

My beautiful girls, in their handmade 1950's dresses
I didn't look so bad myself...
Loved my beehive x

I planned this party for over a year, so I was thrilled it was finally here.

I had it in the same place we had our wedding reception (I got married on my birthday 16 years ago), and had a flamingo theme for the tables, it seemed appropriate and kind of kitsch. The cake had this theme too and looked amazing.

Flamingo Cake!

 And I had a photo booth, which produced some great pictures - here are a few...

 via GIPHY

My family and friends seemed to enjoy it, there was eating, drinking and dancing, so all in all, I think it was a success, (It is so hard to know when you are hosting something).

Everyone got a party bag, adults got to have a nice evening in; with a gin and tonic, and a scented candle, the kids got a Marvel themed toy, bubbles, chocolates. They all got one of my home made map pin wheels.

For me it was all a bit of a blur of hello's, goodbyes, party bags, photo booths, dancing, drinking and then finally getting home with my nephews in tow thinking I would stay up and have a drink with them, but actually, just going to bed, exhausted but happy.

The next day I got to open my gifts, which were amazing (thanks folks). One of the best was Gus, my new kitten, but also my I Love You Mojo from my husband was pretty special.


Now it is all done, and I have had time to reflect, it was a pretty hectic weekend but an absolutely lovely one and it was so nice to catch up with so many of my friends and family.

So, thank you to all those who came to my party and made it as special as it was.

If you want to see more from the party, my nephew Tom did a Vlog, which you can watch here.


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