Saturday Nights Alright for Drinking

My drink of choice...

Last night I went out with my husband and a couple of friends. We had a curry and went for a few drinks down the pub.

Not unusual for a Saturday night, I hear you say. This is VERY unusual.

Since I have had children (over 14 years ago) my husband and I have struggled to find baby sitters. My husbands parents and sister live in Ireland and my brother and his wife live over 60 miles away (My Mum has passed away and my Dad is in a home with dementia).

On very special occasions we have managed to get a baby sitter but it is always a struggle as most of our friends have young children as well.

So what changed last night? We left the kids with our friends kids at their house. My eldest is nearly 15 and their eldest is 14.

We finally feel they are old enough to be left alone and be responsible for themselves and look after the two younger children.

We still didn't stay out really late, we were back at the house by 10pm, but oh my God it was lovely.

Although, I am used to the pace of sofa drinking which is quite a slow affair, not this round after round malarkey. Suffice to say, I got a bit drunk.

After my friends and the kids had all gone to bed, I spent the last part of the evening crying at my husband, (please see my previous post here, this crying thing has to stop!) as my cat wasn't a lap cat any more and didn't come in enough - utterly ridiculous - whilst trying to make friends with our friends cat.

Our friends cat, Precious, who didn't want to be friends with me last night.

Surprisingly, our friends cat didn't want to be friends with the drunk crying woman...Gah.

Despite the last part of the evening, the night was a great success, our kids didn't fight or blow anything up or run with knives whilst climbing a ladder. Brilliant. So we will be able to do this again.

Next time, however, I will pace myself a little more and try to be slightly less tearful at the end of the evening.

Cheers to all the future Saturday nights - Yay!


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