50 things to do now I'm 50

Fifty is a big number, it's half a century, its five decades, I mean come on, I should get a prize, everyone should.

The Queen sends a telegram or what today's modern day equivalent is, when you are a hundred, so shouldn't someone important send a virtual handshake or something when you're fifty. I'm thinking a cheeky peck off Tom Hardy would do me, but that might be too specific.

I mean, there were a couple of times there, where I nearly didn't make it, so a bit of a well done, really wouldn't go amiss.

Anyway, regardless of the lack of acknowledgement of my achievements by ' them upstairs',  I am going to take this being fifty malarkey seriously.

I am properly regrouping, assessing the situation, creating a spreadsheet, drawing a mind map and mulling over what I need to do now to continue being excellent at this life lark. (Or making a list here).

In a year I will review my list and see how I did.....challenge accepted.

Here are my thoughts, so far;
  1. I'm going to say yes to more things.
  2. I'm going to do more tap dancing.
  3. I might consider doing some other exercise as well, I like the sound of Pilates, less sweaty.  
  4. In general, I need to look after this body better. It is the only one I have and it's not in tip top condition at the best of times, so let's try not to make it worse.
  5. I'm going to write something here at least 5 times a week....take a breath, that's a big one.
  6. I'm going to to try and make a living out of writing, like I said I would when I was 10, 20, 30 & 40... but this time there is really nothing to stop me.. so no more excuses Mrs...still not breathing...this is a BIG DEAL.
  7. I'm going to try and drink less wine - this is a general comment said most days to more or less anyone who'll listen, usually whilst holding a glass of wine.
  8. I'm going to try and contain my general grumpiness.                                                             Please see previous posts here and here about this.
  9. I'm going to go out more, now the children are bigger and the eldest is old enough to baby sit the youngest, this is now a feasible option. I want Hubs and I to spend more 'quality' time together.
  10. I'm going to worry less about not spending enough time with my family.
  11. I'm going to worry less about not spending enough time with my friends.
  12. I'm going to worry less about not seeing my Dad enough.
  13. I'm going to worry less about what's going to happen in a year (when the money I currently have, will run out)
  14. I'm going to worry less about my cat who won't come in.
  15. I'm going to worry less about everything. Worrying doesn't change anything or make anything better it is an utterly pointless waste of time -
  16. I'm going to enjoy the moment more.
  17. I will take time to just think.
  18. I will make time to read.
  19. I'm going to spend more time in my garden, and plant more vegetables.
  20. I'm going to find something that really interests me and take a course in it.
  21. I will find ways to enjoy cleaning. I hate cleaning. Cleaning is my nemesis. I do it, because I'm actually quite house proud. Why can't we shed less skin and be less grubby, why, oh why, oh why.
  22. I will learn how to bend time and make it my bitch. I need more time. Maybe that's the course I need to go on?
  23. I will continue to be ridiculously excitable about Christmas, because it is a beautiful magical time.
  24. I will continue to have more tattoo's because that is who I am.
  25. I will continue to let my eccentricity flow so that by the time I'm 70 that will be how people refer to me, 'Oh look, there's the eccentric lady who lives at 143'. 
  26. I need to write more about political stuff, because I have an opinion and a democratic right to express them.
  27. I need to write more about my inner voice, the one you don't really want people to hear but is the really honest me.
  28. I need to enjoy kitten Gus, whilst he is still a kitten. 
    Gratuitous picture of my Kitten - Gus
  29. I need to find a better place to type this, as the sofa probably isn't the best place for my posture.
  30. I need to take more photo's, and enter more competitions with them.
  31. I need to apply to go on the Bake Off and Master Chef, because I'm not bad at cooking and like the idea of the challenge they both offer.
  32. I need to continue to have little naps - they are so lovely.
  33. I need to continue to embrace Hygge. I love, my candles, blankets and fire. I'm all about cosy. 
  34. I need to stop buying books to read, until I have read a good chunk of the other books I have bought to read, and haven't yet.
  35. See above,  but apply it to candles, glasses, stationary in general, cushions, shoes etc....
  36.  I need to continue to find lovely places to eat out. My current favourite is our local family run Italian restaurant La Nonna - Gorgeous food, with gorgeous people running it and small but perfectly formed restaurant area. 
  37. I need to not let snobby people bother me, I can't help it that I like some questionable TV.... it's fine, because I like proper high brow stuff as well...?  Hi, my name's Jane and I enjoy watching Big Brother and any countries Top Model...so sue me.
  38. Go to the theatre more (see, told you I liked high brow stuff as well).
  39. Go to the National Trust more and really enjoy all the benefits of membership, otherwise it's a bit of a waste of money.
  40. Stop wasting money on fripperies and some such... (This thinking high brow has made me all Shakespearean).
  41. Do at least one big charitable thing this year and make a decent amount of money for said charity - probably Bloodwise - for obvious reasons.
  42. I need to continue to not be what people expect of a woman my age.
  43. I need to continue to challenge and question everything I read, hear and see.
  44. I need to try more foods that scare me. (Like clams)
  45. I need to get over my ridiculous fear of flying, I can do it but I hate it even though I know, logically, that it's safer than driving the car.
  46. I need to enjoy holidays more, I have got better at this over the last few years, but I think I could be even better than I am now.
  47. I need to continue to stay off the anti-depressants and remain positive.
  48. I need to turn off my facebook notifications - so distracting
  49. I need to review my use of social media, do I waste time or do I use it positively and proactively...? There's probably another blog in there about that.
  50. And finally, I need to remember to appreciate all those around me who do so much for me. Because they are lovely.


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