Heather - Nearly Fifteen

My daughter is fifteen, tomorrow...FIFTEEN! Bloody hell, how did that happen? Where did the time go.

She is an incredible girl, full of plans and idea's, realistic, caring, sensible and crazy, beautiful and amazing.

I am quite proud of our relationship compared to the one I had with my Mum.

My Mum and I were very different people and clashed all the time, even as adults, even though I had a huge amount of respect for her. When I was fifteen, we hardly spoke and she annoyed me SO much.

I have a lasting memory of being fifteen and full of rage. It was probably hormones. But, my Mum and I spent the most of my fifteenth year arguing.

I don't think it will be like that with my daughter. We get on well, she handles her rage much better than I did and takes herself off to her room if she is moody as she likes to be alone.

We talk about stuff, we like similar things on the telly, we went to the cinema together earlier this week, just me and her as we both wanted to see the same film.

I don't know how this happened but it's lovely. 

I have written this for her.


When I was fifteen, I cut my own hair
I wore make up and didn’t care
When I was fifteen,
I stole, the heart
Of a boy, who was a man
Eighteen but a boy.
When I was fifteen, I knew my escape
Plan, I had to cram
I had to pass my exams
It was London for me
When I was 15 I knew everything
And nothing, my ambition was clear
It was black and white
The world and my Mum
Didn’t know
I was amazing, me
When I was fifteen

My girl is fifteen
She has cut her own hair
Wears make up, and doesn’t care
Whose heart she breaks
Before she escapes
Far away from me
She plans and crams
Ready for her exams
The world is grey, but she is clear
The world is just waiting
For her to be amazing
My girl is fifteen
Better than me


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