It's time to talk about Christmas - Yay.

Halloween is done and dusted. Now we can officially think and talk about Christmas, with out too many sneers from the Grinches out there. Yay.

I love Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year, I like the food, the drink, the wrapping up warm, the giving and receiving of presents, the smells, the lot. I am a Christmas fan.

At the moment I have been buying new Christmas decorations (just for the record, before I really get into this, this is not a sponsored post, just stuff I like).

I was at Dobbies Garden Centre yesterday in Shrewsbury, and their Christmas stuff is gorgeous.

I got this locket style heart for £5.99, which I can put a little chocolate in to make it even more special. I brought two, one for each of my girls as I get them a Christmas decoration for the tree every year (you have to have one or two Christmas traditions).

I got a beautiful wooden decoration for just £1.49 and this glass bird, I can't remember the price of the bird but is was definitely under a fiver.

I got this other decoration, which to be honest could be up all year round (It is already up in my house) for £1.99.

I got some very beautiful decorations from The White Company, more expensive but you can usually get at least 15% off with one of their vouchers which are available in most magazines.
I love the ones in the jar, because you could use the jar for something as well - maybe some fairy lights?
These are £22.00 for a set

These are £15.00

The last thing I have bought are a couple of these absolutely massive colourful baubles from John Lewis, they are £5.00 each.

Anyway, that's the start of Christmas done, now it's time to work out what other Christmas presents I need to buy and what's going on the Christmas playlist this year. Decisions, decisions... 

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