Is it just, a being an adult thing?

Do you remember the feeling of being bored?

I was thinking about this today, when I briefly thought about taking a long bath and reading my book.

Because that was what I used to do when I was bored.

This was prior to having kids.

Now I shower, if I have time, on a good day with a following wind.

Mostly, I just maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness, and get on with my day.

I used to love long leisurely baths, always too hot, with smellies, candles and a book. Bliss.

I would love to feel bored, even if it was just for 5 minutes, I think the time is coming, the kids are getting older, they need less constant attention, but I still have lists of things to do.

What if the lists continue after the kids become adults and it's just a 'being an adult thing'?

Well, that would be rubbish.

My current BIG THING, that I must remember, is to make the kids sandwiches, lately it has just been going out of my head. One night, recently, I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered I hadn't done it and so had to get out of bed to do it. As you do.

I hate making the sandwiches, it's so dull and the kids like dull sandwiches, and however much I try to suggest something new, maybe with something green inside the sandwich as well as meat. The reaction is as if I had asked them to eat roasted cat. Ugh.

My lists have standard permanent members which are pretty much always on the list.

Water Plants
Clean Cat bowls
Write more

Then you have the less basic list and the more convoluted stuff. For example,

Buy Tara's present
Wrap up Heather's present
Write to Aviva
Call Scottish Power
Find out about oil painting cleaning
Power of Attorney
Think about Christmas
Make pom pom's
Charity shop

The combination of both usually appear in my diary on a weekly basis. I rarely complete my list.

I usually do about 60% of my list, whilst also doing some displacement activities, which probably also need doing, just not now, this minute.

Oh to be bored. Oh to wonder, shall I read my book, watch TV, play a game on my tablet? Then not feel guilty because you have a behemoth of a list hanging over you, enveloping you and swallowing you up.

Oh, to have that bath.

Now I need to make sandwiches.

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