Modelling, at 50, Yes Please!


For my fiftieth birthday party, my daughters and I had dresses made, by Curious Co Co (my daughters) and The Couture Company (me).

These companies work together in Digbeth, Birmingham, making alternative wedding dresses.

Now, I realise I wasn't getting married again, but when I did get married, my dress was off the shelf and it was a budget affair.

For my birthday I wanted to splash out, and have the lovely bonding experience of going to have dress fittings with my daughters, I have talked more about that here.

Anyway, every year, the companies that made our dresses run the The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza for people who want to have a more alternative wedding. There are lots of stalls where you can buy beautiful and unusual things, as well as the wedding stuff, and food stalls, it's a great event.

They also have a number of parade's which are Mardi Gras in style, where brides, and people like me and my girls wear our dresses and parade through the event lead by a brass band playing modern music. It's lots of fun and the girls loved it. They did it on, both, Saturday and Sunday and I did it just on Sunday.

But who'd have thunk it? Short stumpy me (with my giant bazooka's) modelling at 50. I am literally loving life!

Here's some photo's from the two days. 

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