Would you throw your Photographs in the Bin?

I don't know about you, but I am in a bit of a debate with myself about my photographs.

I am somebody who always had a camera in my hand.

As a result, I have loads of photo's, all in albums, taking up a vast amount of space.

My husband has already digitised all our CD's. Admittedly it was a bit odd just getting rid of 100's of CD's, but now it has been done a while, I don't miss them.

So do I scan all my pictures in (this would be a mammoth task) and then bin all the photo's or do I scan them and remove them from the albums and just box them up to save space.

Having just cleared my parents house and having paid a fortune to digitise slides and cine film I am thinking the best option is to scan and bin.  This is largely because I was not thinking happy thoughts about my parents when I was paying out over a £1000 for the digitising.

The other thing to consider, now I only take digital pictures, I rarely print them, unless it's for the family Christmas cards or yearly calendars and I need them digitised for that anyway.

The dichotomy is my books, I have loads of them, I have a massive bookcase in my living room and more upstairs. I have no plans to get rid of them. They take up more space than my photo albums. Why are they different?

The massive bookcase.
My photo's hold memories, they should be more special surely?

Gah...I am stuffed.

What have you done? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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