I dream of running

I don't know about you, but I am one of those annoying people who remembers their dreams.

I try not to tell people my dreams all the time because most people find it really uninteresting.

However, on this occasion I am going to talk to you about this dream, because it relates to my aspirations, my hopes (and dreams...obvs), and it's not the details of the dream I want to talk about.

I dream I am running, regularly, usually with different scenario's leading up to the running, but the thing in common in my dream is that I am running because I want to, I have a feeling of freedom and joy from running.

Gratuitous picture of my kids, when they were small, running with that feeling of freedom and joy.

In real life, I can't run.

I get breathless when I walk because of my CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) drugs, and my ankle is messed up after breaking it a couple of years ago - these are all things you know if you read this blog, but for those of you here for the first time, and you want to know more about either of these things, just have a little rummage in my back catalogue (euphemism intended...)

For the purpose of this, I did have a look to see if those dream interpreters had anything to say about running. I don't hold much stock in what they say and they didn't let me down, apparently they only see the dark miserable stuff, and assume you are running away from something in your dream (and real life), this is definitely not the case for me.

In real life, I was never really the running type, except once at school, being 11th in the county for long distance running, but I am not sure that counts.

Now, my knees hurt, I make a noise when I get up from the sofa and am the shape of a potato, I don't even own a pair of trainers, so hardly running material, but my dreams make me want to do it.

Again, if you have read this, I have recently started tap dancing again, and it has given me a new lease of life, I am now looking at starting a Pilates class, to build up my core strength and hopefully help my ankle.

So could all this lead to running. I don't know, I don't think it will be like my dream. Nothing hurts when I'm running in my dream, it's just the countryside and me (I live in Birmingham), and there is no noise, just wind blowing my hair gently. It really is a nice dream.

Could next year be the year it becomes more than a dream, and becomes a painful jog where I am struggling to breath, who knows, but I can dream........

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