Potato Shaped and Proud...?

I have always been stout.
This is me at my freshers week ball in 1986, I used to hate this photo as I thought I looked enormous, now I think I look gorgeous and realise I had just made friends with small boobed tall skinny women (who were all lovely)

When I was younger, I was relatively slim, but being 5 ft 2 and a fag end, it's tough to look long and lean.

During my 20's I ranged from a size 10 to a size 14, if I felt I was getting a bit portly I would just stop eating fry up's so regularly and the weight would drop off me.

I hate 20's me a little bit.

Why? Well for one, if you read my diaries I went on and on about how fat I was, when I really wasn't, and also because of the whole 'weight would just drop off me' thing. Gah.

Now I am 50 and I have been a size 18 (on a good day with a following wind, and depending where I buy my clothes from - which is a whole other debate) since I was about 39.

Now, weight doesn't just 'drop off' me. I don't think I even have a metabolic rate any more.

The weight went up, primarily when I gave up smoking 12 years ago, that, and having my second baby.

With my first baby everything snapped back into place fairly well, even though I was 34 when I had her. I think the breast feeding really helped that.

Me in 2002 with a very new first baby

With my second baby, I had already put on weight because of the smoking thing, and then she wouldn't stop breast feeding, and for those of you who have done it, you will agree that it doesn't half make you hungry all the time, so I ate, and ate and ate and voila I was a size 18.

Since then I have maintained my size 18, regardless of additional exercise.

The trouble is I don't really do diets, the minute you say diet, my tummy rumbles and I get hungry.

And, on the whole I eat quite healthily, I like vegetables. I am not a fan of cake, biscuits or chocolate. I do like cheese, but I have cut back on that, my biggest issue is red wine and snacking in the evenings, usually when I am drinking wine.

The thing is, I am not that motivated to lose weight, as I am mostly quite happy as I am. I am keen to be fitter, which I am taking steps to make happen, but body wise, I don't hate how I look (most of the time).

I am careful to buy clothes that fit me, that don't feel tight, or that I might slim into, because that's never going to happen. I know my body type and what suits me.

My tummy is wobbly, so are my thighs and my upper arms, but they aren't hideous (even though women's magazines would imply otherwise), they are just me. They are who I am.

My boobs are a little bit ginormous but, hey ho, they have always been bigger than average, and as long as you pay the exorbitant prices for good bra's they look OK.

These days, I spend as little time as possible thinking I'm fat, because yes, I'm overweight, but life is good and my shape really isn't the be all and end all of anything.

I would be lying if I said I feel this positive all the time, there are days, usually premenstrual days, when I am very unhappy with me, the potato.  But most of the time, it's the last thing on my mind.

Me dancing at my 50th birthday in the purple dress

So yes, I am potato shaped, and proud...

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