A Place Of My Own

Today I am sitting at my new desk, on my new chair having just gone to my first Pilates class. I'm feeling good.

New year, new me and all that.

To be grammatically accurate, I should clarify I am sitting at the desk I have just bought from Ikea, I have no old desk.

This has been an ongoing problem for me, I have written my blogs, usually on the sofa which hasn't been great for my back or my work ethic. I have historically had no place just for me at home.

My daughters have their bedrooms, my husband has his cave (the tiny box room) and that is that. There are no other spare rooms, unless you count the utility, which my husband jokes is my room. (Not funny).
My lovely new desk

So, as I have just signed up to do a Masters Degree in October and want to get serious about this blogging malarkey, I needed a space and a desk.

After much consideration, as there isn't much space in our house, I decided my best bet was in front of our bedroom window in the loft. The view is of the last few roof tops in Birmingham and then loads and loads of trees. Which is nice. If I need inspiration I can just look outside at the birds, the trees and maybe a cat in a garden or on top of a garage having an argument with a magpie.

There are downsides to this, when my husband is on nights, I can't get to it as he is sleeping. I just need to remember to unplug the laptop and bring it with me.

What did we do before laptops, I'd be lost without mine?

Anyhoo back on track. At the moment, my desk is lovely and neat - give it time, I suspect it will deteriorate into chaos, but for now, I am all shiny and modern and neat and tidy.

And it is the little things that make it all the more special, I can light a nice smelling candle, drink coffee and it is quiet. There are no children bothering me or sounds of TV or YouTube, if I want music, I can put it on, but right now silence is golden. Lovely.

Similarly, and on a slightly more personal note, we have an en suite in our bedroom, so if I need the loo, I don't need to traipse upstairs after finding a wobbly armchair arm to balance the laptop on, it's right here in the room next to me - bonus - this will be appreciated by all the women out there who have had babies, and got to my age and are now desperately trying to find their pelvic floor, as it disappeared somewhere between baby one and two (hence the Pilates).

So yay, this year is going really well so far, I just need to keep this up, get funding for my degree, carry on tap dancing and all will be well in the world*. And by the way I thoroughly enjoyed the Pilates, I will probably feel it tomorrow, but I found it super relaxing and it gave me the boost to come home and do this. Fab.

*Obviously my lovely desk and positive attitude won't fix real world problems - but I can dream

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