How good are you at DIY?

I don't know about you but I am fairly good around the house. I can paint and wallpaper, use a drill, tile etc.

This is because my parents were excellent at teaching me some basic life skills, which set me up, and later I had some really dreadful boyfriends who were absolutely useless.

My husband is great at DIY, even though it stresses him out and makes him all shouty. 

To begin with I let him get on with it, largely as, at the beginning of the relationship, I arrived with my own tool kit, drill etc, in fact way more of that kind of thing than he did. He told me not to 'emasculate him' so I decided, brilliant some time off from that stuff.

In fairness, I had been living away from home since I was 18, he only moved out when he was 26 (as his Mum insisted). As a result I had needed tools along the way.

Nowadays we do most things together. Turns out I am the calm one. 

At the moment I am doing a little project of my own, I am turning a pillar wall into a black board in my kitchen.
That's the first coat of blackboard paint on

Underneath where the black board is, there will be tiles, these will go to above bin level.

This is because the bin, being where it is against the wall gets splashes of horrible stuff on the wall. If it is tiled I can wipe it clean.
This is dirty bin wall, prior to the blackboard paint - icky!!!

This will be better looking and much more hygienic.

Anyway, I am really curious about you, are you good at DIY?

Please could you fill in my poll in the side bar, once I have the results in a weeks time I will blog all the results. Thanks everso.

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