Mindfulness = Lego

I am a big fan of Lego, when I was about 4 or 5, I went to Legoland in Denmark with my parents. I don't really remember it but there are photo's and film from that time and that is where my memories come from.

That's me, showing my pants as I lean over to get the best view of all the Lego houses.
I rediscovered Lego in my late 30's, when I was stressed at work with two small children. Building Lego relaxed me, it made me less stressed. You just follow the instructions and end up with something wonderful.

Over the years I have built many things, but my favourite is my street.

This street has a Pet Shop, Pool Hall, Barber shop, Palace Cinema and Shop
I have also started my next street, where there is currently just one lonely house.

At Christmas I was given the Brick Bank, so I am currently building that, I have had to give loads of books to the charity shop to make room for my next street, it was tough, but something had to give.

The Bank is already proving challenging, I have just completed section one (the first floor) - but just look at the floor...
Beautiful and complicated, my favourite type of challenge.

Nowadays, I am less stressed, I work for myself and my kids are bigger, life is good, but Lego is the icing.

Lego makes my brain tick in a way it doesn't most of the time. Most of the time my thoughts are quite chaotic and creative, Lego makes me think logically and systematically. I like that from time to time, its a change and change is good.

For anyone out there suffering from stress, I would recommend Lego, you need something fairly complicated to stretch yourself, but it just makes you think about nothing else except what you are doing. It needs your full attention. I suppose it is the epitome of mindfulness.

I only build my Lego when I am on my own, today the cat interfered with my Lego whilst I was building, this was unacceptable, in the end I had to wait for the cat to go to sleep. Stupid cat.

Anyway, as I tell my kids (and I have said it to the cat) Lego is not a toy, it's mine - so get off. So go and get you're own Lego, if you are not sure what to buy or whether you would like it, I would recommend you try something small to begin with like one of the BrickHeadz - maybe Aquaman? He's no Jason Momoa but he'll do for the purpose here.

Aqua Man
He is £9.99 so won't break the bank, but still, this is the downside of Lego, it is expensive. The thing I want the most at the moment is the Assembly Square. It is massive and looks amazing to build but it is £179.99. I can but dream.
Assembly Square

This isn't a sponsored post, I do just love Lego. And if any Lego people read this and want to gift me the Assembly Square...please just go ahead. 

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