My Teenage Diary - 6 days in 1984

This is me in 1984. It is the summer before sixth form. I live in Shrewsbury.

There is both a mullet and a perm going on here, not my best look. But, I was completely on trend at the time. Obvs.

I am deeply enamoured of someone called Nigel (I genuinely have no memory of this chap).

All spelling and grammar below is as per my diary.....ugh!


This is the first time I meet him - we are at a place called The Goblet, which was like a disco/club/pub.

'Met a lad called Nigel, slightly punky, got good skin, got off with him, very lurid, right in the middle of the disco!!' 

The rest of what I say is too embarrassing, but the outcome is I don't want to see him again?

01.09.1984 (Saturday)

'My heart is in turmoil!! (I loved a double exclamation!!)(well maybe that's a slight exageration). Today I saw Nigel in town. And I phoned him up twice, and he promised to phone me tommorrow. And I'm meeting him 8 '0' Clock in the square on Monday.

...A bit of unnecessary chat about my day follows, including a note that there was break dancing on Pride Hill. Random.

'I can't make up my mind whether I like Nigel or not (I'm the most indecisisive person I know).  

 Then this,

They are called Brothel Creepers. Doh.
 'But he's got a lovely smile and really nice skin. Also he doesn't talk much on the phone. I will finish my lilac jumper tomorrow.'

Strangely, I do remember the lilac jumper. It was made of mohair and a b**ch to knit. This was back in the day when I knitted and sewed regularly. During the summer of 1984 I made at least two skirts and finished the lilac jumper and then made a similar one in orange for my friend Andy. As you do.


'Nigel phoned me up. Did I want to go to his house tonight, I said I did. He was amazed.'

Question marks appear to be a thing of mystery to me.

'I caught the 7.32 bus to the English Bridge, I met Nigel off the bus. He seemed pleased to see me. Then we walked to his house'

What followed is censored, a girl has to have some secrets (also how I describe 'stuff' is awful).

'After all this we talked some more, he played music from a band he is in called TEETH. It was a lot better than I expected. They have a 1000 singles out of a song called something like 'coming out of the gloom' He has a very good voice. He asked me to go out with him, again. I might do. Although he became sort of sulky by the end of the evening. My Mum and Dad picked me up'.

03.09.1984 (Monday)

'I phoned up Nigel this evening (just gone six) I told him, if he still wanted me to go out with him I would, he said he didn't want me to, then he said he did (what a bastard) He said, what had changed my mind, well I couldn't really say I had been contemplating, he'd say I was mad. Anyway in the end he said he would phone me on Wednesday'

05.09.1984 (Wednesday)

'Phoned Nigel, as unsociable as ever on the phone however, a touch of wry humour touched todays conversation. Went out.'

12.09.1984 (Wednesday)

'I am sorry I haven't written resently but I have been very busy and been becoming very tired. I think I have finished with Nigel but I don't know. The conversation went like this on the phone.

'Hello'                                                                                                       Nigel
'Its Jane'                                                                                                    Me
'Yes'                                                                                                          Nigel
'I can't come to see you tonight'                                                               Me
'Why not'                                                                                                  Nigel 
'Because I don't want to'                                                                          Me
'OK Goodbye'                                                                                          Nigel
'Bye'                                                                                                          Me

End of conversation pretty bad huh!
I felt really guilty afterwards. Oh well.'

And that was it for Nigel, no wonder I don't remember him.

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Names have been changed to protect the innocent and those wearers of red socks and brothel creepers.


  1. Love the fact you don't remember him. I wonder if he has done memories of you? Pity I don't know who he is.x


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