The Two Things I Love the Most

The two things I love the most, apart from my family, my home, my cats, and coffee ...are reading and drinking wine.

It is rather sad, I think, that the two don't work very well together. If I drink wine and then read, I find myself re-reading what I read when I was drinking wine.

If only there was a way I could make the two things work together.

Maybe if I start reading first, then drink wine, I will remember most of it. No?

Maybe if I drink some coffee, start reading, drink wine.....No, that won't work...

My husband suggested I just buy books with larger print....hmmmmm.

Maybe if I invent some special wine, that still tastes great and does what wine does, except the thing that makes you forget what you have been reading... That's non-alcholic wine isn't it. Damn it. This isn't working at all.

I remember the days when you could smoke at work, have a liquid lunch and no one would bat an eyelid. My God, we must have done some dreadful work, and if you think that was what it was like in the early 1990's what was it like when there was the 1st and 2nd World Wars? Does that mean everyone in the offices issuing the orders to the troops, were actually a bit pissed. No wonder the wars went on for so long and were a bit rubbish when it came to planning*.

Well that digressed into a very dark place and has not in anyway resolved my problem, I don't want to run a war room, I simply want to read whilst enjoying some (quite a lot of) wine. I am not going to hurt anyone doing this (unless you count myself, I am quite aware of the impact on your health from drinking). I just want to do two of my favourite things, together successfully.

I have realised I sound like an alcoholic, I am not an alcoholic. I just like to drink red wine, often, usually in the evening, never in the morning and rarely at lunch time.

I am a fully functioning adult that takes her children to school and writes this, amongst other things. OK now I do sound like an alcoholic trying to justify this whole post. (Please don't over analyse this..)


OK moving on, the problem is not getting resolved, reading V wine....hmmm reading v wine...

I think I may have to just accept the two are not compatible. Unless any of you have any genius suggestions. (You should see my hopeful face...I am very hopeful).

I look forward to hearing from you.

*I'd just like to apologise to all historians out there for all the HUGE generalisations I just made. Sorry.

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