There were Dragons

The mist lifted, and you could see all the cars, or were they dragons? No, they were just cars.

It wasn’t mist, it was just exhaust fumes, there was no romance here, just congestion and pollution.

But imagine, if that wasn’t everything, imagine if there was another layer beyond.

Layer upon layer upon layer.

On one layer, it is even more congested, people are angrier and sicker because the pollution has reached an all-time high.

Life expectancy has reduced to 60 years old. The eco system has been hit hard and the world’s animals are dying out, a new creature extinct every day. Yesterday, the last elephant died.

And with each animal that becomes extinct the balance of the world shifts, rivers rise, oceans get closer, ice caps melt. 

Tick tock, life expectancy is 59 years old.

Imagine Justice holding her scales, our world in one of the scales, and everything else in the other. 

Everything else is closing in and we are disappearing, we can’t balance the scales, we are beyond saving.

That was the last tortoise, and porpoise. Life expectancy is 58.

Volcanoes are erupting, ash is filling the atmosphere and the earth plates are shifting, earthquakes and tsunami’s common place.

A massive Tsunami hits Portugal, Mauritania, Morocco and Senegal. They are completely devastated, only 1% of the population survives.

The last Tiger, anteater and humped back whale are dead. Life expectancy drops to 51.
Another ice cap melts in Antartica, Gentoo Penguins are wiped out. Flooding on the French Riveria scares away the rich tourists, especially when all the dead fish floated onto the best beaches. ‘How dare they’ they said, but it was them that dared, their oil fields, and fracking. Another tropical rainforest disappeared with a nod of the head, from one of them.

‘HOW DARE THEY’. We said. 

Life expectancy is 47 and all the lions are gone.

The riots started all over the world, anger at the politicians, the rich the powerful, anger at themselves for not being angrier earlier. For not making a stand before it couldn’t change.

An extinction scale event is now inevitable, more tsunami’s more earthquakes, flooding, mud slides and death, so much death the funeral homes can’t cope, bodies are left at roadsides or in shallow graves that are washed away in floods. 

Disease is prevalent everywhere, there is no clean water or sanitation, everywhere is in a third world state. 

The old third world are coping better than us, they are used to managing in difficult situations, they can make fire, and clean water – the first world order, are rubbish, without Google, how do they know what to do?

Word gets around that there are no more puffins. 

Electricity stopped working months ago.

Chaos and death, no one knows what’s extinct any more, there is no more media, except word of mouth, and there is only bad news.

Eventually, there is nothing left but decomposing bodies, fire and flood.

The world is over, the clouds have combusted, and earth is open to the heavens. 

The sky is red, but there are no shepherds delighting.

There are no people, or animals, or world.

The mist lifted, and there were dragons.


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