Why I have a bad attitude to strawberries.

As I have got older I have come to understand the pleasure that can be found in gardening.

Both my parents were keen gardeners and they had a large garden to do it in. We ate vegetables from the garden, so I grew up always eating seasonal food.

Sadly, this has left me with a bit of a bad attitude to strawberries. We had so many it was ridiculous, every meal had some strawberry themed dessert. Gah.

When I got older into my teenage years, I wanted to eat what my friends were having, like Findus frozen pancakes. But no, meat and two home grown veg for us.

As a result, I stopped taking an interest in the garden and gardening.

However, when I owned my first home, that interest started to come back. First it was sunflowers, then tomatoes and slowly more and more things.

Me and one of my sunflowers - i was quite proud of this one

Now my garden is my haven, it's not big just a typical suburban sized garden, although I have done things to maximise space and I have my lovely pod of course, which makes me want to make the garden look nice, so that I can sit in the pod and enjoy the view, before I fall asleep for a lovely outside nap.

The lovely, lovely pod.
 Sadly, My garden has had to take a back seat for the last couple of months. Normally I would have cleared it by the end of November and planted my bulbs. This year has been slightly different.

What with tap dancing shows and tapathons my weekends in September and October have been busy with that. Then in November I had the operation on my ankle to have the metal taken out...needless to say no gardening.

Over the last few weeks, when I have taken Gus the kitten out for his daily garden visit (weather permitting) and I have managed a little bit of pruning.

Finally, today, all the stars aligned and the weather was just right, cold and dry, and the ankle felt OK. On went the wellies and off Gus, my garden companion, and I went.

I managed to clear about half of it today, I will try and do the other half in a couple of days time.

Then it will be time to dig the veg patch and get it ready for my spring planting...which I am really looking forward to. I think I will plant, onions, carrots, radishes at first and see how they go.

Later I will try potatoes and peas, and maybe more runner beans as they grew really well last year.

I am not going to grow cauliflower again, they just didn't grow well on my little patch and the beasties enjoyed them too much.

And there it is, I've turned into my parents, on a smaller scale but none the less, just like them.

I suppose it happens to us all. Ho Hum.

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