Mittens and my Mum

I had a memory emerge today that I think I had almost forgotten.

I took my youngest daughter to school today as usual, as we are in Brum there isn't much  snow, but it is SUPER cold, so I made sure she was wrapped up warm. Then I did the same for me, scarf, hat, extra vest, and my mittens.

My mittens

I rarely wear my mittens, I prefer my fingerless gloves, freeing up my fingers to apply lip gloss, blow my nose, or use my phone. And normally, you don't need to cover the ends of you fingers. Today, however, it is minus four, fingers would be frosty with out an extra layer.

Anyway, after dropping Lola off, I was driving home and I saw my mittened hands on the steering wheel and these nearly forgotten memories came flooding back.

I remember my Mum in her mittens, always sheepskin, on the steering wheel of the car, looking too big and covered up. I remember one mitten being taken off to apply lipstick, whilst driving. I remember the rummaging in the bag to put the lipstick on, and I remember prior to that, that she would always have started the car and be moving before putting her seat belt on.

I remember my brother and I quoting the advert at her, "clunk click, every trip" and my Dad being so angry with her. He was an insurance man and had seen the results of no seat belt.

I remember the mittens only went on after the seat belt was done. My Mum was a health and safety nightmare. And yet I remember no accidents during this flurry of activity as she started driving the car.

Today, whilst driving, I took off a mitten and rummaged in a pocket for lip salve, applied it, and reinstated the mitten I was wearing afterwards.

I am my mother's daughter. The only saving grace, my daughter was safely in school whilst I did this, driving on icy roads.

The sort of mittens my Mum had, although hers were never new, they were always a bit battered

Those mittens were such an intrinsic part of my Mum. Sensible and yet silly, warm and childlike. I remember holding her hands when she wore the mittens and my small hands were engulfed in them. I felt safe, she made me feel safe and warm and in the winter months those big old mittens contributed to that. 

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