Pancake Day - Facts and Fun

Today my daughters are making dinner. Its pancakes.

I am not allowed in the kitchen.

There will be chaos and arguments (between the two of them) and there will be pancakes (as they are both quite good cooks).

I have to admit, I am quite happy to let them take over the kitchen for this, when I make pancakes I get hot, sweaty and grumpy as I end up eating the cold pancakes at the end. So this year I plan to sit at the dinner table knife and fork at the ready.

Can't wait.

I will worry about the devastation of my kitchen after - they do 'clean up' but it is not exactly to any health and safety standard.
Pancake day 2017
This morning my daughter, who is Catholic asked if, as it was Shrove Tuesday - a religious celebration, other religions celebrated it as well. I said, no but for some people it is just pancake day and not religious to them at all.

In the Christian religion it should be Shriven Tuesday, as you are shriven of your sins on Shrove Tuesday in preparation for Lent. With each element of a pancake meaning something.

Eggs ~ Creation
Flour ~ The staff of life
Salt ~ Wholesomeness
Milk ~ Purity

Personally, I'm not religious, I just like pancakes. But I am also interested in how most religious festivals came from Paganism.

In the case of Shrove Tuesday, Pagans believed that we needed to encourage the Spring and bringing the sun. Most of the Pagan religion is about light and dark*.

So around the same time as Shrove Tuesday, the Pagans held a festival where they made pancakes to eat. As the pancakes were the shape of the sun they encouraged the Gods of Vegetation and Springtime. They also would leave them on window sills for the spirits and the ancestors. This celebration would last about a week with a massive bonfire at the end where pancakes were thrown onto the bonfire.

So, I don't know about you but I am going to take a couple of pancakes and leave them on a window sill in the hope of the weather getting better.

Then I will consider what to give up for Lent.

These are the advantages of being non-religious, I can take what I want from each one.

Have a very happy pancake day and enjoy your relinquishment of Coffee/Wine/Alcohol/Chocolate/Sweets/Fat/Fun/GoingOut/Reality TV - Delete as appropriate, for the following 46 days.

*This is a huge generalisation

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