I was going to write something about how I have procrastinated all week to get things done. But instead I wrote a poem about it, which is actually quite light hearted (a bit of a break through for me).

Here it is.


I would rather tile my kitchen
Than clean my lounge
I would rather look on my laptop
Than fetch the hoover, to nip around

I would rather watch bad telly
Or mess about on my phone
Than clean a toilet
Or tidy a room

I am a procrastinator, I do not care
It’s my house and the bits that really need to be clean
Are there

I am messy and muddled
I like to faff about
My favourite thing is chaos
I’m not minimalist nor lout

I am Mum in our home
Full of laughter and fun
I am Mum in our home
Let the scum come
Because I am Mum

And I might get around to it…. eventually.

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