Treasure, or just a box of old knobs?

My Mum, and my Dad to a lesser extent, were hoarders. They came from a 'make do and mend' generation, so they believed everything should be saved and reused.

In principle, I don't disagree with this as this is good for the environment and a great way to live. What I do disagree with, is when it goes too far.

For example, my Mum kept every single plastic cover for every birthday, Christmas, anniversary or whatever, card she ever bought. It is simply unrealistic that these will be re-used in some way.

My Dad went into a home in 2016 as he has dementia and his needs were such that he could not be cared for at home any more. The costs of a home are HUGE. So, my brother and I made the difficult, but necessary decision to sell his home, which I talked about here.

In order to do this we had to empty it. On the one hand, it was full of treasure, and on the other full of rubbish, so we had to go through it with a fine tooth comb. It took us the best part of 6 months. It was sad, at times, ridiculous, frustrating and chaotic. I will not leave my home in that state for my children. I think I am still very angry with my Mum about it.

But I did find something rather lovely, that I have kept. I found an old, unassuming, rather scruffy looking wooden box.

There be treasure!!!
When I looked inside, I found treasure. Honestly, I am not joking, it was beautiful. Look.

Now to many of you out there, this looks like a box of old knobs. And I suppose it is, but if you go rummaging, and you have to rummage in a box like this, you will find porcelain door handles, with glass and brass ones, they all feel different, they are tactile and lovely. How many people have touched them in the past?

Tactile and lovely
The glass door handle has wear and tear but is still beautiful and when it catches the light it looks amazing, imagine it on your door and the sun catching it and sending refractions of light across a room making rainbows. I will find a door in my house for this, if it kills me.

My photo doesn't do this justice
There are other things as well, little decorative hooks and things to use for hoisting things.

I bet this would look amazing after a bit of Brasso.
So, despite trying not to hoard stuff. This little box of bits and bobs, I am keeping, and slowly my door knobs will be swapped out, and should I need a hook or a hoist, I know exactly where I will be looking. Sod B&Q, I am off to my little box of treasure.

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