Women, women, women

On International Women's Day, I write this to empower and to apply to yourself.

I am a woman.

I am a mother, a daughter, an aunt, a wife.

I am a woman, who likes men, who likes women, I am a feminist, I am tattooed.

I am woman living with cancer, living with a husband and living with my daughters, and despite the cancer, I am happy and fulfilled. (Cancer can't stop me, cancer is an idiot).

I am a woman, not a girl, not love, not darlin', not bitch.

I am a woman, who tap dances, who sings in the car, who likes music that is wholly inappropriate for her age (what can I say? Grime does it for me).

I am a woman, who is liberal, confident, open to change and new things.

I am a woman, who wants to inspire her daughters to be the very best and happiest they can be.

I am a woman, who is happy to see #MeToo & #TimesUp finally happening. In a time where we should be so far ahead of where we are with equality.

I am a woman, who can't be repressed or broken, life has tried and I have beaten it.

I am a woman, who won't bitch about other women's; size, shape, skin, life, choices, because I refuse to be part of that.

I am a woman, who won't buy gossip magazines, or red top newspapers, or beauty based magazines, as I don't believe in them, they do nothing but bitch or set unachievable goals and sell lifestyles that don't exist.

I am a woman, who loves her cats, her garden and growing things.

I am a woman, who likes to cook for her family, who can bake bread and make home made birthday cakes.

I am a woman, who can tile a bathroom, or put up a shelf.

I am a woman and proud.

Here's a picture of myself and my friends, all very strong and excellent women

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