I Blog, Therefore I Am

I have been doing this blogging malarkey for 9 years, 9 YEARS. I should be an old hand at this by now, and just lately I have been reading some of the old ones.

Now apart from noticing when I have rushed them and left grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes (GAH), I have found some gems about my kids, things, that had I not written down I would definitely have forgotten.

This is one of the brilliant things about blogging. There are little moments I have forgotten that I can find here, I have always kept a diary and the really personal stuff goes in there (yes, believe it or not I don't share everything) but my blog is for everything else.

I like to blog about all sorts of things and if you are a regular visitor you will know I will write about politics, my daughters, food, women's issues, my cats, my cancer, anything really, it very much depends on my mood, and I have been doing it for nine years.....still can't get over that.

Sometimes, my blogs don't have a point, they are just a thought in my head that needs to come out, sometimes they have a really serious point, sometimes, I have been sponsored to write something, although I haven't done that a huge amount.

The point of this blog today, is if you are thinking of blogging, do it. There is no harm in it, as long as you're not stupid and share the very dark crap that mooches about in the recesses of your brain, I wouldn't recommend anyone blogging about that (unless that's just my brain, probably just my brain).

Blogging has made me friends. These are other people that blog, who I have met in the real world and become real life friends with, not just blogosphere friends, although I have friends like that too.

Blogging has kept me writing, although 2015 and 2016 were bad years for blogging for me, there was a lot going on in my work life, my stress levels were high and I had a lot of evening drinking to do during this period, just to get me through. Thank goodness, I have moved on from all that.

My challenge this year is to break my 2010 record for blogging, where I posted over 90 times. Its April and I am over 30 posts in, so I think I am on target.

The biggest challenge is thinking about what you want to write, I sometimes have inspiration at the strangest times so I make notes to remind me. Later I usually think it's a s**t idea and discard it, but not always.

If I am writing a blog I think might be a bit controversial, I usually sleep on it and read it again in the morning before I post it, I am yet to delete a live post but I have altered bits slightly, if I am unhappy with how it may be perceived, sometimes, it's as simple as changing one word, to change the intention of what you are writing.

Lately, I have been using the blog to post some of my creative writing to see the reaction, considering I am just about to do a masters degree in creative writing, it's a good way to gauge how I am doing.

So, that's it for me today, this blog doesn't really have an ending as I could say lots more about blogging but I don't want to bore you (It's best to keep your blog, fairly short and sweet - this is a top tip).

Peace out.

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