Love or Hate the #Hashtag ?

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was no such thing as the hashtag, but not as long ago as you would think.

Pushes glasses up nose and makes a little sniffy's time for some facts.

The hashtag was initially introduced on push button phones, when push button phones were invented in November 1963. The hashtag represented the word 'number', prior to putting a number in, like you would use 'No', instead of Number.

You would first see a hashtag used on Twitter in the way we think of it now in August 2007.

Now, hashtags are everywhere and even in everyday conversation. Often with air speech marks or whilst making the hashtag symbol..gag...although this two minute sketch from the Jimmy Fallon Show with Justin Timberlake is brilliant, although a slightly exaggerated version of what I mean.

According to social media specialists, you should try and use your 30 hashtag limit on Instagram to increase engagement and follows. But 30 hashtags for every post. Wow. That is a lot of hashtags. Someone has clearly agreed with me and now you can get a hashtag generator - here for example.

Now on Instagram you can even follow a Hashtag, so for example I followed #gardening by doing this...
Selecting the #gardening takes you to the next screen

Where you can follow that hashtag

Which is ridiculous, as I will now see every picture with that hashtag, if I did nothing all day but look at Instagram.

So, do you love or hate the hashtag?

As a fairly techy person I can see the value from a statistical perspective, it is a genius way of collating and collecting information, as a social media user I find it frustrating as I am trying to attract followers as it is of value to me, but I feel like I am selling my soul just a little bit, with every hashtag I add.

Sadly, it is now a part of everyday life, the word was added to the Oxford English dictionary in 2014, along with eye-roll, eye-brow raising, and upcycling, amongst many others.

I think, whether you love it or hate it, the hashtag is here to stay. #endgame #itsallaboutme #hashtag

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