What was your first car?

Well isn't it a beautiful day.

What on earth are you doing on your laptop/tablet/phone reading this?

Just a brief respite from the heat? You don't want sunstroke, well OK then, carry on....It'll only take a minute or two anyway.

One of the things I love to do is drive, especially on quiet roads, on my own with the music on really really loud. A day like this, is perfect for that.

How I think I look, driving my car...Thats a big messy bun on my head, not some sort of growth. 

I can sing along, only occasionally being caught out at traffic lights, by someone looking my way as I am having a full on, music diva moment to Nina Simone or the like.

I recently/finally, got my new car, (It took 10 months from the time I ordered it to the time I received it, but that's another story). One of the options when I was choosing this one, was a sun roof.

My first car had a sunroof, it was a maroon Allegro that looked something like this, but with a sunroof.

A sunroof reminds me of 1986 and having all my friends pile into the car, with no real responsibilities, where we could just take off without a worry in the world.

So yes, I love my new car, yes I drive it with the sunroof down and the music on full blast, and yes, I am going to do it today.

What was your first car, and what does it remind you of?

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