National Flash Fiction Day

National Flash Fiction Day (also known as micro fiction) is on the 16th June.

What is flash fiction - Its something under a 100 words. Here is my contribution for this year.

The Dandelion

Warmth is on my face and the grass in my hair, as I lay squinting at the few white clouds in the sky. 

I smell the sweet grass.

I turn my head and see a dandelion, beautiful in it’s simplicity, as yellow as the sun. A bee buzzes.

I feel, contentment, a quiet joy, a knowledge of everything and nothing, I am nine with my whole life ahead of me.

This one moment, is where I will go when I am sad, disappointed and broken. 

Sweet smelling grass, a yellow dandelion and a bee, brings my calm.

Because I haven't got a photo of a yellow dandelion to hand this one will have to do
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