The Curse of Love Island

I like to think of myself as reasonably bright, articulate, well educated....

So why do I like such dreadful telly?

You should see my excitement when Big Brother is about to start, or America's Top Model, or Love Island...and then the horrible feeling of slightly hating myself for watching this nonsense.

I used to tell myself that Big Brother was an anthropological experiment. Which it was to begin with, but now, not so much. Now the people who go in are plastic fantastic and pretty superficial, whereas to begin with, there was a fireman, a nun, a carpenter, just normal people.

And Top Model, I tell myself, I watch purely for the photographic elements....I am 100% kidding myself.

And everything is so heavily marketed with ridiculous amounts of product placement.

Still hating myself.

Now the people who go in are all potential glamour models/porn stars or people who have had a tiny glimpse of fame. They are fame hungry and just want to become celebrities.

Moving to disgust at the time I waste on this.

But its Love Island I'm most troubled that I watch.

Did you know 82,000 people applied for Love Island, that is ridiculous. What is wrong with these people, I suppose it's a free holiday, that's emotionally crippling and based purely on how you look.

This a picture of myself, and daughters on holiday in Turkey because I don't want to risk any type of copy-write infringement - so this is the closest thing to Love Island that I could find, the only difference is the bodies are normal and the people in the picture are happy and self confident.
I am horrified, whilst I watch an A & E doctor have all his self confidence crushed slowly and systematically out of him, simply because he is slightly fairer than some of the others and doesn't ripple with muscles....He's cleverer than all the others put together, he saves lives for Christ sake, he's a f**king super hero, and he's been pushed firmly into the 'Oh he's so lovely' friend zone. *Head Slap*

Oh God, this wouldn't happen if we all just switched off, I am awful.

And yet, every night, I send my husband to his man cave and watch these self obsessed individuals talk about themselves, whilst not listening to a jot of what the other person is saying.

What is wrong with me?

And the worst of it is, I know I am not the only one, people I respect off the telly are watching it too. Friends are watching it, it's all anybody talks about. None of us know why its so bleeding addictive, but it is.

Make it stop...

And it messes with all my high minded principles. It's about body beautiful and not brains, I'm sure it's sexist and demeaning to both the men and the women, its sending all the wrong messages to our children and finally and clearly most importantly - WHERE IS THEIR CELLULITE?

And so sadly, I finish this post, with the story of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in the pool. So in love was he, that he couldn't look away and so died just staring at himself.

I fear this is what will happen to all these selfie obsessed, body beautiful, millennials. They will just forget to look away from their mirrors and phones, and suddenly there will be no more relationships, or friendships or children....#justsaying #selfie #bodyobsessed

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