The Blogosphere Returns

Its a long time since I have talked about the Blogosphere. In fact, I haven't really felt a blogosphere for ages, years. And yet when I first started blogging it was common parlance.

There was a sense of community, and like minded bloggers supported each other, got involved in little projects with linky's and did stuff together, whether it be Silent Sunday or the latest Meme, when a meme meant something different to what it does today to my kids.

Sometimes, we even met up in the flesh like proper human beings, not hiding behind a keyboard but actually just being together because we liked each other.

However, with the dreadful news of Kate Suttons death, something happened. The community rose up, it became one, in its grief and sense of loss.

Then there was the hashtag #bemorewitwitwoo. A call to arms to be more like Kate. To live in the moment, to have body confidence to be more.

Now the blogosphere goes beyond blogs, to Twitter to Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat and so on, the blogosphere is everywhere and the death of Kate reminded everyone of that.

We are strong community of mothers, fathers, people who sometimes let life get the better of us, but carry on no matter what. We share our stories, our photographs, our lives. And sometimes the stories are sad, some are happy and some are glorious and funny, but we share them.

And it is wonderful to see this community come together and be more Wit Wit Woo, once again.

When I had my first child in 2002, this community didn't exist, by 2006 when I had my second it was beginning, I joined it in 2009 because @Tara_Cain made me(I'm not kidding, she is a force to be reckoned with, you don't mess with Ms Cain).

But then over the next few years, it just got so big. Everybody everywhere got involved, and it became less personal and more international.

Sometimes when I blogged I felt like I was blogging into a big black dark cave and my blog would just echo.... echo.... echo... in there.

There were so many blogs to read, so you stopped expecting comments, and replies to your blog or social media. You would just shout into the dark and hope one person heard you.

I love that the #bemorewitwitwoo has become so big, I love that Kate has bought us all together again, I love that we are all baring our swim suit bodies, regardless of size, stretchmarks or what ever. And I think Kate would have loved it too, it took a terrible, terrible thing to bring us together but bring us together it did, and for that I will be forever grateful to Kate, who will be remembered as the spirit of positivity, beauty and dreadful dates.

We will miss you.

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