11 Things that have Changed in My Body

This blog has been prompted by the post suggestion, My Body, from the lovely people at Post 40 Bloggers and also because of a conversation I had with the lovely @thinlyspread on Twitter.

Up until my late 30's I happily slipped between a size 12 - 14, then kids happened, and giving up smoking, (in that order, lets try not to judge). And then a child who just wouldn't stop breast feeding, which for anyone who has done it, makes you ridiculously hungry and thirsty ALL THE TIME.

The end result, by my early 40's I was more like a size 18 - 20 with two small children and a healthy affinity with a large glass or two of red of an evening.

Now before I go any further, I would like to say I am still a size 18 (on a good day and depending where I shop), and I still like a nice glass of red.
Me in the North Sea, at Cromer in Norfolk, bloody freezing, but loads of fun

This is not a weight loss story, this is what has happened to my body in the last 10 years.

I think a list is probably the most efficient way to do this.

  1. With the birth of my first child, all my time working on computers got the better of me and Carpal Tunnel (repetitive strain) flared up for the first time - this is ongoing.
  2. Similarly, with the birth of my first child, which lets face it wasn't exactly whale music and gentle massage - I developed piles, again, this is just one of life's daily joys
  3.  At 40 I was diagnosed with CML (Chronic Myloid Leukaemia) which I have spoken about before. The some of the side effects of the drugs, are fatigue and joint pain.
  4. At 46 I broke my ankle, quite badly, I talk about it here, I learnt how awful it is not to be able to walk and have ended up with a permanently weird looking ankle with some impressive scars.
  5. At 48 I started to show signs of the peri-menopause (the bit before the  menopause itself), irregular periods, mood swings.
  6. At 50 the peri-menopause, or it could be the real menopause, I no longer know or care, is fully underway, with weird sleep, strange moods, uncontrollable crying, and ridiculously heavy and frequent periods. I may also have the more well known, sweats, but that is also a side effect of my CML drugs, so who knows. At least I don't have the dry eye's when I sleep like @thinlyspread.
  7. I am currently typing this in a wrist brace having had a steroid injection in my wrist for the Carpal Tunnel, yesterday (Apparently the last one I can have, after that it's the op which I am not keen on).
  8. I have troublesome knees. After I broke my ankle I walked and moved differently for a time, this impacted on my knees.
  9. I suffer from stiff achy shoulders, again, years in front of a computer, whilst people shout at me on the phone.
  10. The holding in of wee, seems to have become an issue over the last few years, sneezing and giggling have embarrassing consequences.
  11. And then there is the general ageing, the sag of the face, the wrinkles, the lack of boob pertness, and bingo wingedness (so much I am planning my first flight).
So, it's been a bit of a downward spiral, however, on a positive note, over the last 18 months I have been tap dancing again. I can't walk the next day as both my ankle and my knees are completely knackered, but I love it and I get all that good endorphin joy.

Similarly, I have been doing Pilates every week to improve my core* since January, and although I find it hard, I quite like it.

In fact, I have been generally healthier this last year, despite my body firmly telling me, I can't or shouldn't do things, I just ignore it and carry on, because in my mind I am about 18 and so my stupid 50 year old body can go and do one!

And as for the menopause and all it's weirdness, much as I wanted to, I can't avoid it, it's coming for me anyway. As women, we need to talk to each other about it, so we don't feel so isolated and share our stories.

After all, in many cultures, this stage in our life means that we have now reached wisdom and are considered the wise women in our tribes (can someone tell my kids that?).

*So I stop weeing myself!

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