My 20 Guilty Pleasure's

Oh we all have them, and aren't they wonderful, because they are always naughty and always nice.

I have loads of guilty pleasures, and sometimes when I am feeling rebellious I don't even feel guilty, although mostly, I do.

But here is a lovely long list of all of the many things I love, guiltily;

  1. Marmite - Love it, Love it, Love it, Mmmm gooey yeast extract. Nom.
  2. Which is why I also love Twiglet's, which don't need to be a guilty pleasure as they are low in calories and a great snack, I love these so much I have blogged about them previously, here. There is a Twigletty GIF I made and everything. Got to Love a Twiglet. (I realise, that by point two I am already off Piste, will try to refocus...OK)
  3. Big Brother, I have watched it from the beginning, I did stop, for a couple of years when it went to Channel 5 but it pulled me back in, because I LOVE Emma Willis (I mean, who doesn't want to be her) and I want to be besties with Rylan. And the people are so stupid and occasionally, there is a non-stupid one that surprises you. I used to use the old 'social experiment' as an excuse for watching it, but now its just nonsense with wannabe F list celebrities.
  4. America's/Britain's/Australia's Next Top Model - My excuse with this is, I'm interested in the photography...That's it, I'm sticking with that.
  5. Beef Hula Hoops - Why? Because I can eat them off the ends of my fingers...Doh!
  6. Cheese, all cheese, well maybe not the blue kind, unless it's in soup. Yum
  7. A big old fry up, with sausages, bacon, white pudding, fried eggs, mushrooms canned tomatoes and toast. I am making myself hungry just thinking about it.
  8. Scented candles that cost too much, my favourite and best one is The White Company Winter candle. It has just come back into stock and it is lovely, my kids completely associate the smell with Christmas and just sit for hours sniffing the candle, which is probably a bit wrong...
  9. Molton Brown Hand wash and Body wash, just for me in my bathroom and not for the kids. Expensive, yes, but it lasts a really long time and smells so nice.
  10. Greg Davies, gorgeous, can't help myself, I like a big man who can make me laugh, #thatisall
  11. Blackwing Pencils, these pencils were used by Hemingway, and are beautiful to write with, again more money than a pencil should ever be, but once you have Blackwinged you can't go back. (and you know if you write in pencil it will stay on the page for hundreds of years without fading, unlike any Biros or ink pens)
  12. To go with my pencils, I love a Moleskine notebook, and no, the covers aren't made of mole (a point I had to clarify with the kids). There is something about the paper, it just makes you write nicely.
  13. I don't really have a sweet tooth, if I go out for dinner, I will have a starter over a pudding any day of the week, but if pushed I do have a favourite chocolate, and that's the, 'oh Ambassador you are spoiling us', kind, yep its the Ferrero Rocher. I like a nutty chocolate, and if I get the craving for one, well that's that, I have to have it.
  14. When I go to the cinema, one of the things that make the trip worthwhile, apart from the film, is the hot dog, and boy, do I get stroppy if they haven't got any, or any ready or I have to wait, cinema hot dogs are vital to my whole cinema experience, even though I know they are made of head meat and gravel, I don't care, they are great.
  15. Napping. I have always loved my sleep and my bed is a sacred place of sleeping and reading. But in addition to the standard sleep you get, a swift afternoon nap, in the quiet of the living room, whilst kids and husbands are elsewhere, is a beautiful, beautiful thing, it makes you all warm and fuzzy, and because it's a bit naughty it's even more special. These can of course be ruined completely by loud children and inconsiderate husbands who have the foot noises of giants and seem to be only able to speak to each other with their shouty voices.
  16. The lie in. Please see above. Anyone who says they don't like staying in bed are doing it wrong, they either have a crap bed, bedroom, partner, duvet, pillows, bedroom colour, or something. 
  17. Foraging, it's like stealing from nature. I live in a city, but the back road to the garages, for my row of houses has blackberries, fallen apples, raspberries and strawberries, and they are all free, it's brilliant.
  18. Being a bit of a boy racer, there is nothing I enjoy more than 'taking them at the lights'.
  19. Singing loudly (and badly) in the car, what is it about cars that make you think you are invisible, you are surrounded by windows, so people can see you when you are going full on Whitney, or in my case Wiley (I like Grime). 
  20. Sometimes not socialising when I have said I will. When I am tired or snuggly or all settled and can't be arsed to slap on some make up and make an effort to be friendly, nice, and sociable. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood.
Now I am sure I have more of these and I may return to them, but for now this is it. I would love to know what yours are? Feel free to comment.

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