Eight Reasons I Haven't been Blogging

I have been rather quiet on here lately. So, hello, apologies if you were a regular visitor, must try harder and greetings, you're welcome, if you are new. And to you Bloggy...I have missed you.

In true blogging style - here is a list of reasons why I haven't been with you. (Got to love a list!)
  1. I started a Masters Degree with the OU in October, and rather unsurprisingly, it's quite time consuming, but also great, and brain stretching and now I can answer at least one question on University Challenge each time, which is nice. 
  2. Teenage daughters are also time consuming, technically one is still only twelve, but to be honest a twelve nowadays is the equivalent of fifteen in old money. Right?
  3. Eldest teenage daughter has just finished her second bout of mocks and is preparing for her GCSE's. This means I have to take her to, god awfully early, revision sessions as the buses don't run that early (does she not understand I'm a student now and should be in bed at 8am ... UGH! Inconsiderate!).
  4. Youngest daughter continues to want to pursue her career as a dancer/actor so there are numerous lessons, competitions and exams she has to go to, in addition to being in a band at school, preparing for Battle of the Bands (which will be fine as long as Jack Black is there). So I continue to be a reluctant Dance Mum, which I have already talked about here, should you be considering it as a career choice ... don't btw...
  5. Being a stay at home Mum/Cleaner/Chef/Taxi and student is a time consuming business. Apparently, my family want to eat, in a clean house, and then have me take them places.
  6. I am also preparing to be in yet another tap show, reluctantly, I still don't really enjoy the performing side, but do love the tapping. 
  7. Then there is Pilates. Lets face it, at my age I need (desperately) to engage my pelvic floor. 
  8. Now the truth. When you do your studenting all on the laptop, via forums and activities set by the OU, motivation is quite tricky. Imagine my dilemma everyday; should I read this book for research, or go to my office/bedroom to write something intellectually stimulating and very worthy OR continue to binge on the multitude of bingeworthy telly on Netflix? I spend an inordinate amount of time procrastinating. It seems being a student at 15 or 51 is much the same - I have done a pie chart to demonstrate. Please see below. This represents an average day.
So there you have it, maybe, I could replace some of the Netflix time with blogging...maybe...

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