The Invisibility Factor

Hello, my name is Jane, I am fifty-one and my superpower is that I have become invisible.

I never used to be invisible, as a younger and moderately attractive young women people noticed me. They smiled at me, they moved out of my way, they chatted me up, it was lovely.
My friends and I in our early thirties.

Nowadays wrapped up in a coat, with my greying hair and no makeup, I am invisible. People, quite literally bump into me. 

I have become the ignored. This makes me angry.

Why does this happen? 

We live in a society where youth is everything.

As an older person, we are supposed to chase after our lost youth. Like idiots.

We start with expensive face creams, then we dye our hair, we attempt to diet. We exercise to try and pull our poor older bodies back into a shape they don't belong in anymore. (Your body changes over time, this is natural).

It is so easy, Botox in your lunch hour, along with some teeth whitening. Why not?

(Because Botox is quite literally the same thing you use to poison rats, and enamel is a vital part of oral health..!)

Most of the older actresses we see today have the bodies of a twenty-year-old, and sometimes the faces to match. How?

Well between making films they exercise, get plastic surgery and eat lettuce, and nothing else. There is no actual joy in their lives, imagine going out for a meal with them,

'Oh no, I couldn't possibly eat that it has more than 10 calories, a moment on the lips....'

Ahhhhhh F**k Off!

We all have a friend who has been on a diet like that, usually the person who least needs to be on a diet, they become boring. All they do is obsess about what they have, will or won't eat.

I don't give a shit, just eat the lovely food, the lovely chef has prepared, with your lovely friends, who all love you because you are an interesting intelligent person who needs to get over this nonsense! #justsaying

I am pro healthy living, do some exercise everyday, don't eat a packet of biscuits or drink a bottle of wine every night. But do live. Have fun, laugh.  (Note: Laughing does give you wrinkles but they are the fun kind that people see when you are really old and go - she looks like she had a great life!)

I can not imagine the pressure women feel under the spotlight, which is why I admire people like Judi Dench, Diane Keaton, Sigourney Weaver and Emma Thompson, who are all considered very beautiful but remain completely natural.

But I remain invisible and I don't like it. This may be why I have so many tattoo's, it ensures I am still noticed, although I am seen as an oddity rather than something beautiful (on the whole).

My friends and I are beautiful women, we are intelligent, and yet wrapped up in coats out shopping, people don't see us. They don't take the time to respect our humanity, our wisdom, our sense of humour, our full and rounded personalities.
My Friends and I now, minus one who lives a very long way away and couldn't make it to this meal. Look how interesting we look/are. :)

I am a much more interesting person than I was in my twenties, I have a wealth of life experience that I can draw on. If you engage in conversation with me you will find a lively discussion which is fair and reasonable, I will take the time to listen to you because I am no longer completely wrapped up in myself, I am interested to find out about other people.

I am also not without feelings and want to be complimented when I look nice. You don't get to forty or have kids, and suddenly go, 'you know what, I don't need any affirmations off anyone ever again, I'm fine as I am thank you very much.' You still want to feel, well, sexy...

As I have got older I have found that I am on the one hand more confident, and care less about body image, but on the other, I am horrified by my ageing body and wrinkly face. In other words, it varies according to my mood because I am a human being. I still need people to flirt with me, tell me I am attractive and be attentive, as much as the next person.

So, person in a shop, who serves people every day, say hello, compliment me on; my coat, hair, style or whatever, (not in a creepy way....that's a whole other ball game) like you would to a person half my age.

Young people walking about in the shopping centre, 'Hello!' I'm not invisible, stop bumping into me, I may not have the latest Nikes on, but I am someone's Mum and I'm quite interesting if you took the time to find out. Thank you.

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