Ten Years of Blogging

Well bloody hell, who'd have thunk it. I've been at this blogging malarky for TEN years.

A lot has changed since I started this. I am out of date, I don't vlog or do streaks on Snapchat (although I think that is becoming less lit* ...maybe). People are swiping right or left to find other people, sometimes just for some casual sex, sometimes (I hope) to find love.

Nobody calls anyone on the telephone anymore, they text to make plans, which I quite like. It's so much more efficient, although on the downside if people change their minds about going out, another text is sent. I think that's sad. There is no proper explanation or apology. I am not assigning blame, I've done it myself. 

The world has changed. A TV stars and businessman is president of the USA and Brexit is a thing. It wasn't even a word ten years ago never mind the dreadful mess it is now.  On the upside, we seem to finally be realising there is a multitude of environmental issues that need sorting out. Hopefully, it is not too little too late.

Of course, now we publish our lives in pictures on Instagram. Most of us do it whilst trying to make our lives look that little bit more lovely than in reality it is. We don't post dirty bed sheets or washing up but instead, tableaus of pretty things we own or have grown or made. 

When I started writing my blog my daughters were two and six, now they are twelve and sixteen. They have gone from tiny tots to perfectly formed intelligent young women. Tonight my sixteen-year-old is attending her Prom....how did that happen?
2009 Heather and Lola with the lovely Paul

2019 at their Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in Ireland

I had a job I enjoyed and was proud of doing when I wrote my first blog post. By the time I left that job, a lot had changed and I was neither proud of doing it and I hadn't enjoyed it for years. Top level management changed and in the process, it became a very different place to work. Since leaving in 2016 I created a small business selling the bits and bobs I make, but I found that took the joy out of crafting. In 2017 I started a creative writing Masters Degree with the Open University. I have never been happier. It is wonderful to learn more about something I love to do so that I can do it better. I am currently waiting for my results for my first year and am all signed up for my second. I am quietly confident I have done OK, keep everything crossed for me.

I remain happily married and realise what a blessing that it as I watch other marriages crumble along the wayside. I also appreciate how much my husband has supported me over the last ten years, from my diagnosis of CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) to the illnesses and deaths of both my parents. I never really understood when people said 'he's my rock' but I get it now. Paul has been my lighthouse in every storm, he is one amazing man and I am lucky to be his wife.

I started this blog because my friend @Tara_Cain who blogs at Sticky Fingers insisted and included me in a Meme so kinda made me. Here is the link to the Meme from ten years ago. I am going to answer the same Meme today and see if my answers have changed. Here we go:

1. Who is the hottest movie star? I'm still a fan of Stewart Grainger, and James McAvoy is still high up on my list but thanks to all the Marvel films lovely Micheal Fassbender is now in my sights along with the gorgeous Hugh Jackman (or as my husband calls him - Huge Action).
2. Apart from your house and your car, what's the most expensive item you've ever bought? My Pod (like a summer house but circular and cooler).
3. What's your most treasured memory? Giving birth to Lola...because it was such a long journey to get her - This remains the same.
4. What was the best gift you ever received as a child? I clearly didn't read the question last time - as a child, the best present I had was my Katy CopyCat doll, my Mum and Dad told me I couldn't have one for Christmas as it was too expensive. My Gran ignored them and got one for me anyway.
5. What's the biggest mistake you've made? Last time I said an ex-boyfriend but had I not met him I wouldn't have met Paul so not a mistake. Which makes me think life is sometimes about doing stupid things and just learning from them.
6. 4 words to describe yourself. Smiley, happy, creative, contented.
7. What was your highlight or lowlight of 2018? Doing my Masters Degree and seeing my daughters reach twelve and sixteen
8. Favourite film? Practical Magic - still love this film.
9. Tell me one thing I don't know about you. I don't know how many tattoos I have had, I have lost count.
10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character, who would you be? Tank Girl because she is kick ass.

So that's ten years, I wonder what the next ten will bring.

*Kid speech for fun/excellent/good/cool

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