National Poetry day 2019 - An Ode to AA Milne

As a child, I was bought up on AA Milne, and Winnie the Pooh. I considered Christopher Robin a personal friend, and my Dad even made a little animated film based on Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace (when Christopher Robin got to see the Queen).

Anyway, I have written a poem in honour of Winnie the Pooh and AA Milne for National Poetry Day. I hope you enjoy it.

A.A. Milne has some explaining to do.
Where is the Hundred Acre Wood, where is Pooh?
I have been looking for Eeyore,
I’m concerned about his mental health.
And as for Tigger, well, he’s something else.

I sometimes see Owl but he’s no help.
As for Kanga and Roo, I think they belong in a zoo.
I worry that Pooh may have diabetes, type2
Honey is healing, but a diet of just that
Leads to sticky paws, stuck in jars, oh Pooh.

Poor Piglet, so small and sad.
Where are your Mum and Dad? Perhaps he’s adopted.
But by whom?  Fingers crossed it’s not Pooh.
Mind you, that explains why he has to eat haycorns.
And has no trousers at all.

Speaking of pants and bottom-half clothes
Are all bears bottoms bare, it must be awfully cold?
            Kanga in her apron and nothing on Roo
            As for Tigger, well he is quite nude!
            Poor Piglet, don’t over-think it, your scarf will do.

So, A.A Milne what are we to do?
When I was small, I didn’t care about
Half-naked bears and animals that belong in a zoo.
Or dysfunctional donkeys, and diabetic Pooh.
I played in the Hundred Acre Wood with Christopher Robin,
Thank you.

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