21 Grumps and this B***h ain't one - The Lockdown Edition

Way back when, I posted the original 21 grumps, since then there has been the car version and various others.

I am just a very grumpy person, I can't deny it, it is just a fact. If you would like to know what I was grumpy about previously you can check out those blogs here and here. There are other posts but I don't want to overwhelm you with my superior grumpiness.

So here we are nearly eight weeks into lockdown, and my oh my, there are some things that have upset me*.

  1.  Social distancing. How can some people think this doesn't apply to them, why are people still travelling to see relatives? (Yes, stupid politicians and doctors who don't think this applies to you, that's who I am talking about)
  2. Parents who aren't keeping their teenagers in. I went for a cycle ride with my family to the park, and there were gangs of teenagers roaming free. Parents - take control, you are the adults. #headslap
  3. All the marketing and media people who are working from home, who are sending me utter bollocks. Stop it, I didn't ask for it and although I block you and report you as spam, like cockroaches another one just replaces you. UGH!
  4. Panic buyers. You are idiots. #Thatisall
  5. All the people who have continued to have construction workers working on their houses during lockdown (particularly in my area of suburban Birmingham). That is not what lockdown means, and it is really noisy and annoying!
  6. The same applies to the window cleaners, who when someone asked why they were working said, 'got to earn a living mate.' My answer to that, 'not if you are dead, mate.' 
  7. Self-congratulatory politician's. We are the worst-hit European country, we made a proper pig's ear of this and people have died unnecessarily as a result. So telling us everything is great and going well is a big load of crap, and all you future voters please take note and remember this. It's pants.
  8. People who try to profit from lockdown. Shame on you. 
  9. People who are inconsiderate about how this may affect peoples mental health. 
  10. The awful people who have taken advantage of lockdown to make their partners and children's lives unbearable by mental and/or physical cruelty. 
  11. Anyone who is getting fitter as opposed to fatter. There is no need to be all smug about it whilst the rest of us spend most days just thinking about food and planning our next meal.
  12. Ditto, to the non-drinkers. 
  13. People who compare this to war, using warlike referencing, for example, it's a fight, we will battle on, we will beat this. It is not a war, it is a virus so start telling me about the work on the vaccine and supplying PPE to the people in the NHS instead please - this is to the politicians again if you hadn't already guessed that.
  14. The lack of new movies - please start streaming some (decent ones), I know this means there will be a loss but surely some of the big companies like Disney, Warner Bros etc can afford it. 
  15. Why is everyone buying new clothes online right now? That is just weird. I haven't got out of my leggings and t-shirt more than once.
  16. On the few times, I have gone to the supermarket, I move out of the way for people to ensure I am keeping my distance, but people just don't care and come through the space I have made and get really close. Go away! (To be honest, this is always for me, as an introvert people getting too close is just annoying and I love that now we have to acknowledge people's personal space). 
  17. I feel sorry for my cats, they are getting no peace. One of them is just pretending to be asleep all the time to avoid all the cuddles. 
    Just sleeping
  18. April saw a 57% drop in the number of people visiting A&E compared to last year. OK, some people who haven't attended should probably go, but really how often do we waste Doctors and Nurses time normally? 
    Just asleep all the time
  19. So now all the little jobs that we have been putting off around the house are done, what am I going to complain about? 
  20. Why do I still hear the idiots racing cars along the A road near me, in the middle of the night? Dickheads.
  21. Finally, Corona Virus, you can just go and do one. I have had enough of you now, you are a horrible inconsiderate disease and you can F**k Right off.
  22. And really finally I have a bonus grump - Trump.
*Disclaimer - There have been some lovely things as well, like a sense of community, and the NHS is brilliant - but we already knew that, so no surprises there.

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