And Repeat... Or the pitfalls of shielding

I am living the same day, over and over again. Repeating the same tasks, following the same patterns.
And I can't see an end to it.

I was OK with it when everyone with in the same position. Now, not so much.

Now I look on social media and people are going out, seeing friends (sometimes with social distancing, sometimes, not).

People are booking holidays, and going to the shops.

I'm not doing any of those things, I'm shielding.

This makes me sad.

And I'm dragging my two teenage daughters and husband along with me.

My husband and eldest child are coping quite well, my thirteen year old, is coping but she wants to see her friends, she wants to go to the shops, she wants to do what a thirteen year old does, be social. So I have guilt.

But then I look at the news. Today there was a memorial for the victims of the Reading stabbings, and all the people were standing close together, probably because they were seeking comfort, which is understandable but still...

Then I saw people pushing each other to get out of the way to get into a Nike shop, people queuing to get into Primark. Have people not heard of online shopping?

I completely support the Black Lives Matter campaign but I fear for the people at these rallies, they are literally putting their lives at risk to support their cause.

I see Trump try to huddle people into a stadium in the mid-west which is bang in the centre of Trump Country, fortunately people aren't that stupid (6,200 people were stupid).

I suppose if people continue like this the second wave will come sooner. Which means everyone ends up back in lockdown. But I don't want that for them. I want a vaccine. I want to feel safe, I want all of us to feel safe. 
My lovely family, in Scotland before any of this nonsense

Sooner or later my husband is going to be taken off furlough and have to go into work. My children will be returning to school and college in September. These are facts.When happens then? Do I live in my loft bedroom and have my husband sleep on the sofa bed downstairs? Do I have to make him cook and clean and go to work, whilst I perch in my ivory tower, with my laptop and books for company?

I don't think I can, I think we try to be safe as possible but also have some semblance of quality of life. I know my family will do everything they can to keep me safe, and understand the risks.

So, I will continue to keep my contact with others at a minimum and try to get on with this strange life.

To all the other people shielding, stay well, stay positive and take care.

Finally, I'm not a religious person but Matthew in the Bible said,

'See that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.'

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