How I Would Fix Coronaggedon - Maybe?

It looks like the second wave of Covid-19 is on its way as winter fast approaches. 

Are you carrying on as normal or are you like me, holed up at home hoping for the best and keeping a low profile?

I've got to be honest, I'm over it. I miss hugging people, visiting people, going out to eat with people. I miss the seaside and paddling in the sea. I miss visiting the in-laws in Ireland. I am well and truly, put a pin in me, done. 

Maybe there will be a vaccine in the early part of next year, maybe thousands of people won't die before that, but as each day the numbers increase and we remain with a government who seem to wait at least a week or two longer than any other country to take action (please don't include America and Brazil in that statement), I fully expect a significant increase in deaths prior to that.

So I have got to thinking, as I have not much else to do - If I was the Boss of the World what would I do? 

 So here is my idea:

  1. Forget the tier thing as that's clearly not working.  (Sometimes you have to go, OK I was wrong, lets try something else - there's no shame in it Boris).
  2. We have a circuit break/firebreak/lockdown - it really doesn't matter what you call it, it's all the same. But only for two weeks - this includes everyone - schools, shops, restaurants - the lot. 
  3. Then everyone goes back to normal again, obviously wearing masks and keeping their distance and washing hands regularly for six weeks. 
  4. Then another two week lockdown.
  5. Then repeat - This continues for maybe 3 - 6 months. 
  6. This gives us some isolation which the disease doesn't like and the economy should be less badly affected.
  7. Similarly, at the moment attendance at schools is somewhere between 75 - 85% depending on the area you are in, this would not make that any worse and may improve the numbers.

I have absolutely no science to back this up, except for what I have heard all the experts saying. We know Covid only spreads when we spread it, so if we break up the spread it will help to reduce it...surely? 

Obviously, I am just a pleb, but on the day France has locked down again and we have had 45,695 deaths in the UK. That's after another 310 people died yesterday in the UK. Something needs to change. 

I vote change - lets try something new and see what happens (and I don't mean that in an American way where you get Trump as president, but with science and facts to back up that change). 

I would love to hear what you think we could do to improve our current situation. 

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