I Don't Like Mondays

It's Monday, its ten to two in the afternoon, and this is the first time I have typed any words (unless it is in social media or emails, which don't count). 

Why are Mondays so frigging hard?* Whether you (if it were normal times) have to get on the train or drive to your place of work and have to deal with all the rubbish rush hour drivers or personal space invaders, or like me head to a home office...Why are Mondays just difficult. 

This is me in the 1980s - definitely a Monday face.

Or as The Boomtown Rats famously said  I Don't Like Mondays 

(For those unfamiliar with this reference - The Boomtown Rats were a band from the seventies and eighties - the lead singer was Bob Geldof who later got practically sainted - deservedly - for all his work on Live Aid)

In theory, I am doing something I love, so I should be loving life. None the less, here I am mooching, procrastinating and generally not doing what I should be doing. Why? Because I had a lovely weekend, eating, drinking, doing crafty stuff, seeing friends (if it were normal times), and now I have to get back to work. And ultimately, even if you absolutely love it, it's work and not a spare time activity.

Actually, mine is a spare time activity, I do it late at night before I go to sleep, in fact I am way more busy writing then, when I know I should be doing something else...which is of course, sleeping. So is it some sort of rebellion about someone saying, 'It's Monday. Go and do whatever it is your do, but do it now, today at this time.' 

Is it simply that we are all still children and don't want to do what the grown ups are telling us is 'normal' 'usual' 'average' 'boring'.

Are we all just pulling that teenage rolling eye face inside whilst our boss questions why we were late, didn't hand in that piece of work, or are wearing a skirt that is not within the dress code. Yes. Definitely. 

Psychologists say it's to do with the change of sleep patterns over the weekend and the feeling of reduced freedom as we are not allowed to be completely ourselves doing what we want.

Also, all that stuff you were leaving for Monday, is there waiting for you, still looking at you, plus all the other stuff which you should be doing - Gah! 

I don't have an answer to all of this. It's just one of those things, so I suppose this is just me moaning. 


*Caveat - For people who do shift work - Monday is your first day/night/afternoon back at work after a couple of days off - it is a figurative Monday

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