Writer For Hire!


Well, I finished it and I passed it. I am now a Master of Creative Writing. In theory I can put multiple letters after my name (but I won't). 
When I passed my BA my Mum and Dad brought me letter headed writing paper with BA(Hons) after my name, which was very thoughtful. I don't think I ever used it for anything but scrap paper (sorry Mum and Dad).

Unfortunately, I didn't get the grade I wanted so for twenty-four hours I cried like the delicate creative wimp baby that I am. Then I got my head back in the game and realised, I am one of the 6.2% of people in the UK with an MA - that's not bad.
And my peers on our Facebook group told me how great I was at writing, which was lovely (Look folks, that's social media being a good thing!).

I should be proud of myself, and I wrote a novel... OK, it is yet to have even a twinkle of interest from an agent, never mind a publisher but, if nothing else, I wrote 86,000 words and mostly it makes sense (I think). 

Yes, I would like to see it in book form with a picture of my cat to represent me at the back (He's far better looking). And, I would like to do all the acknowledgement things and thank all the people who supported/put up with me during every meltdown.
But I have an MA and need to be happy with that. This weekend I will do a little toast to myself with my family and some mulled wine. Lovely. 

Then, I will carry on with the second novel and the short stories and the poetry, as I have so much in my head that needs to come out. 
It would be nice if someone could pay me for some of it now. 
I am shouting into the internet void like an online hawker...
'Buy my writing here - Two for one - Friday specials - short stories and poems. I can make you laugh, or cry or both...I can do both!'
The real question is when can I call myself a writer/author. I think I need to be paid to say that. I have had some poems published and a bit of non-fiction in a magazine, but money hasn't changed hands... Nope, not quite there yet. But hopefully, soon. 
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