Talking Dirty About Togetherness and Inspiration

 I feel a bit stuck. 

I have one novel written and finished - it needs a BIG edit but it is there. And I'm about a quarter way through another novel.

Above and beyond the general ground hog day-ness of life at the moment, finding any kind of inspiration is a struggle. 

On the one hand, I have found during the pandemic, I feel much happier knowing my kids are home and safe with me (even when one of them is a grown arse adult!). And happy is definitely a help when I'm writing. 

However, the complete lack of any kind of social life and the inability to go people watching is rubbish. Shielding is rubbish, it's like being under voluntary house arrest. 

I do fear the cabin fever may get to me and I will end up running outside and hugging strangers! Then I'll gather them into non-socially distanced cosy little groups. 

'Come into my home, have a cup of tea. Yes it's fine...Rona doesn't live here...' I'll say, all wide-eyed and innocent, whilst taking another opportunity to have an uncomfortably long hug.

Then I will sit nearby (ignoring personal space) as they talk, with my little notebook in hand pen poised above the page, hand under chin, watching their body language and idiosyncrasies like Gollum.

Imagine being in a crowded pub. There's a band on; everyone is pushing to the front to watch, some people smell of cigarettes and alcohol. People are sweaty and close together, shouting the words of the songs together, jumping up and down together, joined as one but complete strangers. 

Oh my God - I think I may have just had an orgasm...!!!

Me and friends at the Chemical Brothers November 2019 - I had a lovely time

Zoom just doesn't replicate this.

It feels like I'm talking dirty, when all I'm doing is talking about normal times, past times, times that may change so completely because of this. Our children will talk about it like my parents used to talk about the second world war, quietly, respectfully, fearfully. Could it happen again? Possibly.

My goodness - how I have digressed. So yeah, no inspiration, blah, watching the seasons change through my bedroom window, blah, going for small walks, blah, not going anywhere, blah, no shops, blah, no chemists, blah, no libraries, no coffee shops, definitely no pubs, clubs or restaurants, blah, blah, blah...

It's been said before and now I am bored of it - Pandemics are not inspiring. End of.  


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