One Year On - 26 Things I have loved.


Nietzsche said, 'Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.'


Meaning - love is naturally occurring, visceral  and not something that can be influenced by the world around it. 

It is hard to imagine a world not impacted by the pandemic one year on from the first Lockdown in the UK, but there have been little things that have kept us all going. 

Whether it is the love of family, a pet, friends or just having a routine to help you get through every day, we have all had to find a way. 


Gus enjoying the garden


The whole thing has made me realise there is much to be grateful for in this quite scary world.

Love has kept me going and given me tiny moments of joy.


 1.    My family. It’s nice to know that when you spend 24/7 with them, you still actually like them. Specifically:

       a) My eldest daughters stoicism and creativity.

       b) My youngest daughters joy and ability to make everyone laugh.

       c) The bond of friendship and love my daughters have for each other

       d) Last, but not least, my loving caring husband and father to my girls - in      a world where domestic violence has increased, he is a blessing.

2.     Having something to do in the house during the first six months. (I completed my masters. Thank you The Open University.)

3.     Not having to do all the things that make me anxious/stressed – Holidays, flying, big social gatherings.

 4.     Making new friends online via video calling.

 5.     Starting an online Magazine – which I am not 100% sure we would have done had the pandemic not happened (link to Makarelle on the right).

 6.     I wrote a whole novel.

7.     I published a book of poetry - Blood Kisses. (Click on the link on the right to buy my book - please!)

8.     That our house was big enough for all of us to have our own space when we needed it.

 9.     My husbands job is safe as it can be.

 10.  That, on the whole, my children were content throughout and managed their own home schooling (they are both teenagers).

 11.  Nature and wildlife (the foxes and hedgehogs are lovely to see, as are          the frogs in the pond. All in a suburban back garden).

 12.  The NHS.

13.  The Vaccine. Which has given me hope.

14.  The creativity that has emerged out of a dreadful situation.

15.  That largely the UK is filled with wonderful, caring considerate people.

16.  Captain Tom.

17.  Netflix, The BBC and Amazon for giving me some great TV – Notably Bridgerton, The Queens Gambit, American Gods, Vikings.

18. When my mother-in-law in Ireland worked out how to use WhatsApp video calling.

19. My cats, who make me laugh nearly every day.

20. My garden.

21. Writing letters/Snail mail - I have started to write letters to my friends to send them something physical from me.

22. Social Media - That feeling of connectivity is great. No, it's not a hug but it helps.

23. The Internet/Broadband/Technology - I love you, you have helped us all to keep our sanity.

24. Photography, it is something I have always done and helps me stay in the moment.

25. Books and reading. (I love you).

26. Knitting, I have learnt new stitches and become more accomplished. I can now knit a fine looking sock.


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