Femicide– The killing of a woman or a girl, in particular by a man, on account of her gender.


In the year ending March 2020 – 207 women were murdered. This figure was lower than the year before. In 2019 241 were murdered.

This is for anyone who has has feared for their lives because of a man and for those of us who didn’t make it.


I was taught to trust the police.

I was taught to be polite.

Smile, darlin’ it can’t be that bad…

I was taught to smile, even when I didn’t want to.

That’s what girls do.

I was taught to tolerate the whistles, the bum slaps, the breast stares,

the surreptitious rubbing on public transport when there is no escape.

I was taught to tolerate the drunken grabs and aggression,

to not report my abuser.

I was taught not to make a fuss.

To man up. Hah!

I was taught to be silent.


Silence doesn’t make change.

Talking does.

Listening does.

Equality does.

  Let’s make a change.


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