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I'm in between novels and feeling a little adrift - so this is a kind of self-soothing blog today, where I remind myself that I can write, do write and will write more - so apologies in advance for all the blurbage and listing of everything I'm doing (And yes, I know blurbage isn't a word.) 

I'm also hoping this might help some of the rest of you in a similar boat - reminding yourself of what you have achieved is a good old fashioned motivator. So anyway, here I go...

I've written one novel. I have edited it to within and inch of it's life and now it's out in the world as I try to find an agent. Which I suspect I won't. In which case, I will self-publish and promote it myself and someone may read it. Maybe. 

If I self-publish, I have already done a rough design for the cover - this is it.

It's a darkly romantic coming of age story set in the 1980s and the cover image is me - in the 1980s, all skinny in pastels (this is not how I remember myself at all - if you asked me, I would have said - mostly in black, Gothy and fairly short and stout - isn't memory a funny old thing.) 

Later in the 1980s, when I was in black looking gloomy.

Anyway, beyond the blatant self-promotion, as I was saying, I'm between novels. 

I have one other novel that I wrote while I did my masters which I would like to completely re-write - It's about an apocalypse, Demi-Gods and an argument between Chaos and Gaea. I started writing it before Covid - then it suddenly became less popular to write about apocalypse's. At the heart of it, it's about mother's and daughters and father's and sons, but I'm taking some time away from it to rethink it properly. 

And then I have about four novels I've started. Two are speculative, one is historical and one is very science fiction dystopian timey wimey but every time I delve into that one I get caught up in the issues with Time. It's a bit of a mind field. 

I have also finished writing the follow up of You, It and Everything Good, but again, that needs some heavy editing.

I would like to point out - All of the above was written over a VERY LONG period of time.

So, what do I do in the meantime? I have been writing some short fiction and poetry. I have an anthology of short stories coming out very soon -  Here's a sneak peek. This will be through our hybrid self-publishing company - Castle Priory Press. Again, more blatant self promotion - but if you are in need of help and support with your self publishing journey come and check us out.

I would also like to publish another anthology of poetry (the first, Blood Kisses has a link to the left of your screen). This one will look at family, phobias and fears. I'm nearly there I think, just a few more poems and a bit of editing.

I have just written a couple of Alice in Wonderland themed short stories for one of the writing groups I attend - the first ended up at 6000 words, so it's far too long for it's intended purpose. That one will be stored away until I can find it a home.

So, I suppose, I have a lot to do. Lot's of ideas that need finishing and turning into proper novels - and who knows someone, someday, may want to publish them. 

I read somewhere, it takes about six novels before a writer really gets into the swing of it and becomes properly good - I'm sure there are exceptions to this. But, I suppose I have one properly written and two in a first draft stage - so that means I only have to write three more novels before I become amazing, right?

Anyway, as always. If you like this please like it and share.



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