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The Solstice Baby & Other Stories is a labour of love. The stories within it have been written over the last five or so years. They show all the various sides to my writing, horror, speculative, contemporary along with some flash fiction as well.

Writing short stories is a very different skills set to the novel. Short stories tend to be more focussed, more intense with less characters, usually exploring a single theme. 

You don't have a sub plot to lighten the load. Its a very different experience for the reader and you need to take that into account when you're writing. 

If you aren't a big reader - don't worry - there are some really short stories in here as well - only fifty-words. 

All of these stories have a tiny bit of me in them. They all came from my imagination, which at times can be a bit dark and twisty-turn-y - be warned.

Trying to get people to buy your book is no easy task these days. The market is flooded. 

So, how do you get people to notice your book above all the others - like the classics - and the winners of prizes - and then there's the celebrity writers. Its a blooming quagmire of books. 

I struggle to find anything and usually end up reading friends recommendations. 

If you look on Twitter - we're all there flogging our books, like dead horses. Its not fun. You just want yours to nuzzle it's way into the light and get noticed. It's easier said than done. 

You could go for shock tactics. Write something so controversial people are curious enought to read it. Although that's not easy these days - pretty much everything is available to see on the internet. Most people seem pretty unshockable. 

Me, I'm going to just keep plugging it - I've got a few people to read and review it and they might write some nice things if I'm lucky. I will post all about their posts when the time comes. But if you really want to help - buy the book. 

I write because I need to, I get grumpy when I don't. But writing, unless you are JK Rowling, is not a money making business. Also, when people buy your books you start to think, maybe I'm a proper writer after all. Which is a very nice feeling for us sensitive creative types. 

Anyway - Thank you in advance for a) taking the time to read this and b) hopefully, buying my book.

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